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Anybody else in self-isolation?

God Help Us All… In This Situation…#COVID-19

How are you doing now, @gwyneth_galvin? We haven’t heard from you for a few days.

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@deejaycreations, how are you and your mum doing?

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Praying for your speedy recovery. May the Lord heal you.

Here is what social distancing looks like, reporters interviewing a senator:

Keeping a distance between you and others.


Hey! Sorry, checked out there for a few days.

I’m doing fine! I’m still coughing quite a lot but apparently the cough can last weeks so no surprise there. I never developed a true fever and my self-isolation period is technically over now so I’m free to go about my business!

Oh, only joking. On the evening of my last day of isolation our PM announced a mandated lockdown :sweat_smile: Guess I’m staying at home forever! Thank god Animal Crossing just came out!


So glad to hear it! I did worry a little when we didn’t hear from you.

That seems to be keeping lots of people sane at the moment. I’ll have to check it out myself. :sweat_smile:


A friend of mine who we suspect might have had it in late January is still coughing. It sounds pretty harmless now but it’s still there. I’m glad that you’re feeling better. Take a good care of yourself.

Hollow Knight is my favorite game ever and the sequel is coming out this year at some point. It’s being made by a small indie studio but the way things are going I’d seriously love them to hurry up with the release.

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I just wanted to post a ray of hope, there is a drug that seems very promising on the horizon for covid:

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Hope everyone is doing better & staying safe… :pray:

The province I live is identified as a danger zone as there could be a major out break of the virus in the coming weeks… We are on strict curfew till further notice… Food and other essentials are either provided to areas we live for a small fee by vendors or we need to order online…

I do get a few orders on fiverr… apart from that I’ve been occupied (gardening, reading & writing some books) but it kind of feels so stressful & overwhelming sometimes…

Up to now we have only 102 cases - 3 recovered = 99 at the moment… And suspected cases to be about 229…

Please stay indoors and stay safe everyone… :pray:

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I live alone (in a new foreign country) and didn’t go out for a whole 8 days today!
I felt sick in January when I first arrived here and it was really bad because I was so ill alone and I’m not used to that (I used to have other family member to help me) because I get really tired when I get sick and I had fever usually and can’t breath.

However it wasn’t COVID-19 back then but still hopefully I will not get sick again, because I don’t want that experience again :sweat_smile: :broken_heart:

Anyhow be careful and stay safe, and I hope you are feeling good now!


Fully recovered. Thank you for asking :slightly_smiling_face:


This weather is a reason for these symptoms so hope for the best.
Keep smiling as you’re now. Some people take pressure of the situation and get into other psychological issue.

I wish you good health.

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The virus isn’ a joke. I know someone who is on a ventilator right now. He can’t climb up a flight of stairs without passing out.

As for me, I’ve been self isolating. I honestly don’t have any issues with being at home alot. I’m such a hermit nowadays, just at home doing readings (I work on 3 platforms.) I actually prefer to be alone as opposed to going out alot, except for working out. I miss that lol.

I get my groceries delivered to my house. Haven’t been to the gym sometime since mine closed. The Strip (I live in Las Vegas) is completely dark and empty. Toal ghost town.

I feel bad for some people - they can’t handle the isolation. I’ve seen people going crazy over it. Just so bad, this whole thing is unreal. I’m still happy that I am making some money.


Give it time… :crazy_face: We may all get there eventually.

There is less air pollution according to reports. Also less crime.

I have so much I was planning to do that I can’t do now.

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I think that now is a good time to relax, meditate and think about how we live; there is too much scary information; just try to follow the rules of hygiene and just disconnect from the whole world for a while; when you can have this opportunity again? hope never again in this format. I am sure that everyone has already bought food for a year and toilet paper before for 10 years :slight_smile: I’m sorry maybe for 5 years :slight_smile: But without jokes, I think we all need to follow the rules and just try to stay more careful these days without fanaticism just try not to be captives of our daily habits, overcoming these difficulties with responsibility to others, self-isolation is the best we can do for now. If you can help do it disinterestedly humane.

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