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Anybody else keep hitting the revision button when sending custom orders?

The revision button (for me) is new.

I keep sending custom offers for gigs within 1 day and with 30 revisions. sigh

I automatically set the ‘revision dropdown box’ to days because that revision box never used to exist.

Thankfully, now I have started to pay more attention and every customer (so far) has called me an idiot for offering $200 of gigs with 1 day delivery time frame.

Happened to me the other day. I meant to send an offer for 3 days and 1 revision and ended up sending it for 1 day 3 revisions. Oops!

Fortunately it was an easy project and I was able to get it done with time to spare. But now I need to be extra careful because not all projects can get done in such a short time!