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Anybody else suddenly get a mass of orders?

I was travelling between two countries so no access to the internet. Took about 10 hours.

Got home.

81 new orders in those 10 hours. That is new orders, not the amount of gigs for each. Some were up to 10 gigs. Baffling. $1,500 just like that. HOW? I haven’t had an order from a new customer for weeks.

Time to knuckle down and get through it, but oh my days.


Wow, by the way, why is this in “The Ranting Spot”

This should be in the “Instant Millionaire Spot” :wink:


See you in about a week Ryan! :slight_smile:


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It’s not a rant, so I’ve moved it to Conversations. :wink:


It’s nothing to do with the ‘algorithm’. Have you checked out the OP’s Fiverr profile?

He’s a highly regarded seller with thousands of reviews - please don’t spoil other peoples’ threads.


With 24 hrs express delivery.


Man @ryangillam you better get your caffeine and whatever the heck you can get legal/illegal to keep you up for 83 x 24 hour deliveries…

Unless you hire yourself a bot that can churn out articles for ya!

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


@amirulslee The forum is read by buyers and sellers who participate on the website. Fiverr’s support does not hang in here and won’t see the posts you create.

Buyers however do indeed lurk around and they may very well be looking for a graphic designer of some sort.

It’s best to send support any questions or concerns you have rather than lashing it out here. We’re ‘sellers’ just like you. We’re in this ‘together’.

Best of luck.


Check the negative reviews. All are for cancellations due to late delivery. About 75% of those are people that expected 100s of articles in the space of 24 hours.

I have had a grand total of two negative feedbacks for the quality of work:

  1. The person admitted he just wanted the content for free and threatened to leave a negative feedback saying it was poor if he did not get it. Fiverr banned him and did not remove the negative feedback.
  2. The other one DEMANDED I produced content for him that I was not capable of producing. I gave it a go. Failed.

Thankfully, when I got home, I sent a message to every buyer, or at least I think every buyer, saying stuff is going to take a LOT longer than they think it will because of the mass of orders. Almost all that have replied have said “yeah, that is cool. Just keep me updated. Quality content takes a while”

Some are invariably going to end up being cancelled for late delivery HOWEVER there should still be enough orders left in place to cancel out that feedback.


That’s so awesome! I love huge “order waves”. Not sure what causes them, but they do happen occasionally. Perhaps gig is temporarily positioned better?


Congratulations! I see now 82 orders in your queue.

Your gig is on the second line under Recommended. It must have moved to a more visible position suddenly.


Yeah, I think it’s the short delivery time. This just goes to show that it’s never over on Fiverr. Even when you’ve lost your way for a year or two you can come back. Hopefully the constantly negative people will read Ryan’s post.


Well that’s what you get for building a large set of repeat clients. (Good for you!)

I’ve never had that many in one day, and I’d have to do what you did, and message some saying they will be later… (I had something similar on a smaller scale in the past, but not recently.)

Hats off to you for having a large set of repeat clients.

When people return, you know you’re offering value. When that many return in short spans, you know your prices are probably too low.

If they are new and buying (that many of them) it’s still worth considering if your prices need an upward adjustment.

Overall a great issue to have. Congrats.


Fiverr has some way of flipping a switch on and off for sellers. Orders come in bunches suddenly. They must have left your switch turned on.


My goal is to get it down to under 60 before I sleep. 10 hours of work. Should be fine.

And yeah, I just noticed I am second on ‘recommended’. When I was a TRS, I always managed to get on the first page (8th position), but then it plummeted.

Just bumped it up to 3-day delivery. Let’s see if I mantain that position.

Just as a reference, due to the MASSIVE number of repeat customers and those people ordering multiple gigs at once, my ‘on time’ delivery percentage for the past 30 days has been 0%. Looks like I will be bumping that figure up now.


what country you travel


England to Denmark to Sweden.


May be that’s awesome of getting 81 orders in just 10 hours! Though you have to handle it with care within a short time but I say just do it until you go sleep. That’s called luck. Where thousands of new sellers are struggling to get a single order:neutral_face::neutral_face:, you are just flooding up with tons of ORDERS!!!

Best of Luck again

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