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Anybody experiencing upload problems with Chrome?


Over the last week or so I have been having major problems uploading videos using Chrome. This happens when trying to add videos to my gigs or trying to deliver video products to customers.

It is not the file size as they are well under the 150MB limit, in most cases they are around 10MB

All that happens when I try to upload is the egg timer constantly spins around. If I use Firefox, the video is uploaded as normal.

Google Chrome is my preferred browser of choice and I have never experienced this issue before so I would prefer to stick with Chrome.

thanks for any input.

Reply to @kjblynx: Renaming your files is a good idea. Else it takes quite a while for Fiverr to refresh their server(s). A renamed file gets recognition immediately.

Or close to that, maybe.

Weird stuff. My browser of choice is Opera which is now based on the same rendering engine as Chrome & Safari. Occasionally, I have an issue with uploading and when I do , I switch to Chrome and it usually works.

Also, you might check to see if extensions are causing issues. If you are using any.

Think I have solved this issue now. I think it may have been caused by Malware. Thank you for the replies.