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Anybody find this weird?

I noticed one of my buyers who have brought gigs worth $25 have also submitted the same order to my competitor at the same time! Who would pay twice for the same service? It’s seems strange

It think a lot of buyers do this actually, I’m guessing they are “testing the waters”.

Maybe they just really want good quality work done quickly so have covered their bets. I’ve seen several people on the forum mention they’ve submitted the same order 3 or 4 times with different Fiverr sellers, just to ensure after 7 days they have something they’re happy with.

I think its something normal if they want to test which service is better for them.

But How can you know the client did buy from your competitor at the same time ?

Reply to @armer: the rating on his page where it shows buyer’s comments, same username same day

Reply to @tictac7: I see, Thank you :slight_smile: