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Anybody get referrals?


One thing I’ve noticed on fiverr is that, in my 500+ orders delivered, I don’t think one has been from a client referral. I’ve had plenty of repeat buyers, but no referrals. Has anybody found a good way to encourage this? I’ve attempted to refer people on to the guy who designed my Copywriting gig logo by crediting him in my gig description, but I don’t know if anything has come of that.


One client mentioned my gig on her FB and it attracted many people.

I often mention fiverr on forums, not only for my gigs but for many other services related to my business: my gig is to converts books to kindle and epub, so I also encourage authors to check fiverr to get their cover, or for proofreading.


I have often wondered that myself I get a lot of meditation music production gigs and it was after a few of my buyers said they would recommend me to the meditation forums they belong to. so I like to think it was some nice buyers spreading my name but could be a coincidence.


Seems likely those were referrals. If they’re into meditation, they may be into karma, so could explain why they might help somebody out.


I don’t think I’ve ever received a referral. I tell my buyers that I’ll give them a bonus or discount on extras for referrals and still nada.


I’ve been told by a couple of buyers that they found me from inside some e-book about online marketing, but that’s about it! Oh… just kidding, some people have found me from my old Etsy shop.


Odd that you’ve been included in an e-book it sounds like you don’t know anything about. Maybe it’s time to write my own…


I’ve been able to successful refer buyers and I’ve also received referrals from others on Fiverr.

As far as ways to encourage, the best is to listen.

Very often there’s some aspect of a gig that has people thinking you do something you don’t do. Find someone who does it. When the confusion pops up, refer. :slight_smile:

A way to encourage referrals is to include in each and every one of your deliveries a little support document or FAQ that is a PDF. In that make sure you that you talk about the importance of referrals.

Make sure they know the “tiny url” for you gig so they don’t have to remember the long, obvious one.

I see you’re a fellow copywriter :slight_smile:


Good point about the links. I actually collected you in my “healthy competition” section last year. Small world.


Reach out any time you want to chat.


I’ve started getting them. I think it just takes awhile.


based on a few sellers I know they have admitted to recommending other sellers because they don’t want to bother with clients that mite be harder to work for because of greed or impatience or they are just jerks.

so if you get someone who says I was recommended by someone with a similar gig as yours think twice before you think they are doing you a favor;)


Matt, in my case, I’ve referred people because they wanted say deeper …entertainment publicity, and that’s not my strength in the free publicity marketplace. I can do the basics, but if someone wants BIG TIME WORK, I refer.