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Anybody have gig impressions plummet?

I have zero gig impressions over the past four days. So; not even appearing in searches. I know it is New Year, but I would expect at least a couple, but it is zero.

Anybody else have the same issue?

Yes me too.

I’m in the same boat! I used to be on the first page of searches for a variety of keywords and now I’m practically invisible.

Ryan, have you changed your gigs at all? I mean, they’re invisible now so it’s not going to harm your business to switch things up and raise the price. I know you’re feeling pretty bad about your whole experience, but when you’re at the bottom, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Plus, you have a ton of great reviews. Forget the past and make 2016 your year!

(that’s enough cheerleading for now!)

I am actually going to be launching some new gigs tomorrow :slight_smile:

Excellent! Virtual hi-5 time!

I’ve got the same problem. I haven’t got any impressions on any of my (5) gigs for 3 days on a row now.

same position here. No new impression for almost 1 week now. I think something is wrong because I am promoting on social media.

Same here.
Any official word on it it?

Same here no impressions at all - weird because it says i didnt have any but I made one sale - sounds like a bug to me

Same here. I’m busy enough with my day job it doesn’t throw me out much, but I miss having voice acting gigs to do in the evenings.

Same here.

Yep but I’m not fussed I’m still getting gigs, even more than last year, LOL. That been said I would like to honestly like to know what Fiverr does with that commission they make from all our sales, I mean obviously they don’t spend it on hiring top tier coders for the site & forum, with this many ongoing bugs it really does make you scratch your head and wonder? No offense intended but I’d really like to know the % that goes back into the site & forum, especially since the forum is run by volunteers…

They have parties in NY where they promise to have a live Q&A session with the CEO (who was then “too busy”), but then say they’ll have a Q&A at a later date (still waiting) and will get a professionally edited video of the event to share instead of the 50-minute smartphone camvid monstrosity (drumming my fingers).

Alternatively, they have charity drives for things like breast cancer, where a $20 donation bags you a t-shirt. I meant to start a post on this, actually–has anyone got their boob cancer t-shirt yet? They should have been shipped back in December. Also, where is the proof that Fiverr donated whatever they raised (and how much was that?) to whoever it was?

Never mind the forum, there’s much juicier questions elsewhere. Where is all that money going?

More questions: how long have CS “trainees” been in training–it seems to be more than half a year from what I can tell, which is overlong, especially as they seem to use ZenDesk? How is that $30M investment round being spent? It can’t be solely on tweaks nobody likes (e.g. Buyer Requests).

You may have noted the beta testing going for paid ads…I’m not necessarily against that idea (it’s a common feature on other sites, after all), but it’s another potential source of revenue into bottomlessly filling pockets from what I can see.

This plummeting gig impressions issue isn’t ultimately harming the bottom line (people are still ordering and delivering gigs, after all). If everyone kicked up a loud stink about the above, it would also be pointless, but those are far more interesting issues, don’t you think?

Indeed, I mean how hard would it be to hire even just one or two top tier coders to fix these bugs, could probably have most of them sorted within a week or two? Seriously how long have ppl been complaining about the response rate bug and what has been done about it, other than CS patching it up every time it goes bonkers, how about just fixing the damn thing so we don’t have to or more importantly, just removing it altogether, would save everyone the hassle, us and CS!
Seems 2016 has started there’s been more bugs than ever and not a lot is been done about them either, normally just get a stock reply from CS saying their on it, I mean I’m still waiting on them to ban a certain spammer from contacting me, since the report/block feature in inbox is broken for me atm, everyday this person contacts me and everyday I block them and the sad thing is they haven’t even changed their username and account it would seem, nor have they been banned, which makes me scratch my head as all they are doing is spamming, which I thought was against Fiverr’s TOS, I guess they’re making Fiverr more $ than me, go figure? :frowning: