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Anybody have gigs not marking as complete?

Some of them have been waiting to be marked as completed by the buyer for about 5 days now. Not holding out hope that they will, of course. It sucks. I have told Fiverr and they told me to just wait for them to clear, which is annoying because I NEED that income.

There is 13 of these gigs not being marked as complete. There were 2 which marked as complete right on top, but 13 left behind.

I haven’t noticed that in my own account but ugh, what a crap situation. I can’t believe there is nothing they can do to help you!


I have 14 orders, totalling $500 which are stuck in ‘pending’.


Because they took over a month to mark as complete (they were gigs a client wanted delivered over time, then I stopped hearing from him)

Customer support says they can’t be marked as complete on their end, and they can’t be marked as complete until the customer agrees.

So, $500 fucking lost.

■■■■ this shit.

That’s my fucking rent money.

■■■■ it.

I know I swore. Sorry. Just really annoying.

But aren’t orders marked as complete within 3 days automatically? What has changed?

Did you send screenshots of the pending orders?
If not I would highlight the dates and send those in a screenshot.
To me it sound like a bug and maybe CS misunderstood your issue as you know a delivered order is usually marked as complete after 3 days.
I noticed mine have been behind as well, sometimes taking up to 18 days now.
Sorry to hear about your issue.

I am confused. Orders are marked as complete 3 days after delivery unless feedback is left.

Orders that are delivered too late are no longer marked as complete automatically. They require confirmation from the buyer.

They have the order numbers. They said they have been delivered too late for automatic confirmation to happen. They need to be approved by the buyer, or they will sit pending forever.

My response didn’t get added to you. Oops.

Anyway, now if an order takes too long to deliver, it goes into ‘limbo’. It can’t be marked as complete unless confirmation is received from the buyer.

It sounds like you are being punished for delivering late orders.
I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I would love to be able to find a solution to this lateness thing that plagues you. This is horrible for you.

You know I mean this in the spirit of wanting to help: it sounds like you have a chronic lateness issue. I don’t know the reason and I understand it’s not your fault but it’s hard to understand looking in from the outside.

Clients order a gig without consulting me. They wish for it to have an extended delivery time. Let’s say 300 articles in 3 days. I trust the client not to cancel, however, I deliver and they reject so it can’t be cancelled for lateness. (this is fine if the client agrees)

Client gets the articles after, say, 1 to 2 months as agreed.

Client then disappears. Now the gig is stuck in limbo.

Today I had a cancellation. Fiverr customer support messaged me saying the client was waiting. Fine, I thought they had the content. I reached out to the customer to find out the issue as Fiverr told me to. No response (this is one of the gigs where numerous articles are offered over a longer period of time).

Sent 2 messages. No response.

Fiverr then cancelled the gig when it is clear the client has 75% of the content, he is just missing a few articles and I was trying to determine which ones.

It is ridiculous. That was a $45 gig.

My advice is to deliver on time something, anything, saying that you are following the agreement you had with them to deliver at the three month mark. Or maybe just the beginning of the order you could deliver.

Then when they ask for the revision again explain that the way fiverr is set up they need to accept the order as it is at this time.

You just need a “workaround” system that allows fiverr to be satisfied the delivery was completed on time while still allowing your agreements with your clients to have the agreed upon time frame.

The problem is, if the gig now takes over a month and the customer disappears, I will never get paid.

I’m sorry Ryan but why are you doing this to yourself? At least increase your prices from $5 for 1000 words. It’s like you are punishing yourself here. You have excellent reviews but one gig and it’s becoming peppered with failed to deliver notices. As someone looking in from the outside, it seems like you are being overwhelmed, struggling to cope with demand and perhaps unwilling to see how your present way of managing things simply isn’t sustainable.

If this goes on, you could very well start losing business or have your level downgraded. At least make a second gig and play with packages to start bringing in more revenue per order. You are going to burn out.

That is why you have to deliver something, anything, on time. That’s the only way to get paid.

You can let the customer know that you have to do it this way and make any other kind of agreement to deliver it later you want to.

I would love to be able to find a solution. I’ve told him before that he needs to deliver something on time. I’m not sure exactly what is going on really.

Perhaps you could cancel their 3 day order and let them know you are sending them a custom offer with 30 day delivery, so you’ll have more time to deliver? If it will take you two months, then split it in half - deliver the first months on the first order and once you are done with that, send them another offer with 30 days delivery and then deliver the second half. That way you can deliver within the timeframe you need to get the work done and you’ll get your money guaranteed.

Does this happen with revision? Like you deliver on time, but they ask for revision so when you redeliver the gig it is marked late?

I like your idea. It sounds workable.