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Anybody have sales drop off?

I haven’t had a single sale in 4 days. Customer support told me that sales are down at the moment. However, no sales in 4 days? I used to have dozens a day. I believe it mainly has to do with my position in the ‘highest rated’ search. I am impossible to find there now. I know sales are not down in my category as the person who offers the ‘same’ as me (I use the word same loosely as I know their quality and I know that they have lied about everything on their gig etc.) is racking up 30-40 sales a day. Probably the reason why Fiverr won’t do anything about ‘her’ using a fake profile picture and stating that ‘she’ does a certain job when she does not. Anyway, anybody else losing out on sales? Kind of depressing as I need the income 0_o

I suspect for a lot of people find January a little tight on cash so don’t end up ordering as much. I had a surprising number of orders over Christmas though, I was expecting it to be very quiet but I had new customers most days.

It does seem to be hard to predict just how many sales you will make. I was starting to wonder if the price increase for buyers would kill a lot of business off but I was busier than ever that month. Good luck, I think as itsyourthing said, I’m not sure many people have consistent sales here.

I don’t think it’s surprising that this thread started LAST January. It’s typical for sales to drop at the end and beginning of the year. Its also typical for sales to drop when there are any site changes no matter when they happen.

I know its frustrating that sales go from one extreme to another here, but that’s just how it is. I’m really curious to know if anyone has had consistent sales while on Fiverr.

My sales feel off with the site change. Seems odd that it happened at same time. Liked old design. New design has formatting issues (reported) that make things look bad. Before it looked more professional as formatting and blank lines between paragraphs were working. Now it just become a big mess.

Sorry Ryan that you’re suffering in sales… I can’t say the same. In fact, I’ve had to up my delivery date back to the maximum because I’m booked. Last week, just had 4 orders, today… I’m back up over 20 and most of them are bulk… So, while I feel your pain, no… not suffering on this end.

Hopefully you’ll see a sudden windfall… It’s bound to happen!

I’ve had orders from my regulars, but no new customers in a day or two (though it’s not uncommon that I’ll see two days with no orders and then on the third day, I’ll get a bunch). A few people have messaged me saying something like “I can see you have a pretty full queue…do you have time for another?” I think some people are put-off by a hefty queue? I don’t know.

Some other people have noted a slump in sales (I remember seeing another forum post about it somewhere), while others are seeing about the average. Maybe go into your inbox and message your regular buyers that you are free and have plenty of time to write them something great? That’s what I did to rev up sales after I was off for two weeks for the holidays. Otherwise, just hold out! Like emeraldawnn said, they’ll start pouring back in!

I’ve actually seen a large increase (by my modest standards) since the holiday break in both terms of orders and inquiries. New and returning customers. You win some you lose some!

I saw a huge drop in the weeks running up to and through the holidays, but I’ve since seen an increase. I did lower my delivery time though from 20 days to 8 since I got through the bulk of the holiday orders, so I think that has something to do with it.

Apparently there is nothing wrong with my account :confused: Still does not explain why I have dropped so far in the rankings 0_o I mean, it is all nice and stuff since I have a 5 day break or something now when I get to the end of the current stuff. However, would be nice to have an order as I rely on this

When you are done with the current stuff, like aingham69 said, you could seriously shorten up your delivery time (just for a while, until you’ve got your schedule full again). That usually works for me, too, when I want to bring in more orders.

Reply to @ryangillam: Ryan I understand where your coming from - as I’m experiencing this as well. I’m really jealous of the other people in this thread saying their sales have increased, haha. But seriously, I use to have loads and loads of orders coming in each day, but now I barely get one? This has only started to happen maybe in the past week. It sucks, hopefully my customers and some new ones start to come flowing back.

i have also had a drop off in sales since the start of January. maybe because i increased the delievery time over the holidays. we will see what the next couple of weeks brings

It just annoys me when I see people like Fragglesrock who originally stole my gig description (before it was removed) racking up the orders and getting tons of negative feedback when I have not received a single negative feedback for quality of writing.

It also annoys me that people like that can ‘lie’ about their service and use fake pictures to draw in clients and customer support won’t do anything about it. All I do is just fall ever further down those ‘highest rated’ pages despite offering a service which is technically (in terms of customer satisfaction %) much higher than almost everybody above me :confused:

Sheriffs note: Please don’t call out other users. If you have an issue please direct it to customer support

Ryan, I feel your pain.

I had a lull for a couple weeks and then started getting orders again. I think that gigs get rotated through different positions in the search results–sometimes it seems like nobody sees my gigs, and other times, I will get several orders in a row.

Yeah it’s slow right now

Reply to @ryangillam: Although I don’t complain. I totally sympathize with you. I try to look on the bright side and just paddle on.

madmoo said:
Ryan, my sales are really, really slow. Probably around 5 sales in the last 5 days (whereas I tend to average 5 - 10 a day usually). I know January can be a slow month but this is very worrying.

Indeed. Last January I was in Sweden and had my gig paused for the first part of the month. However, sales started to come in during the second half at the rate of 5 or 6 a day so I am clinging onto hope it will improve. I have started to get orders again but the orders I have are from regulars and none from new customers which is kind of annoying but it shall do for now.

I just went through two nights with no orders or even messages. I woke up this morning with three orders though, so I hope it continues.

I have not had many north american sales recently. But I am getting massive jobs from denmark, france, germany. I sure am not sleeping much now with the time zones :slight_smile: