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Anybody help me

Hi, why do not I order after my so much gig? Please give me some ideas, so that I can easily get more orders. thank you…

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Your pricing isn’t very clear in your “I will photoshop remove background of 700 images within 24 hours” gig. Your “price per image” is cheaper on the basic packages and with a faster delivery than on your standard and premium packages. Wouldn’t someone just order multiple copies of the basic gig for cheaper and faster delivery? Also your basic package says “60+” images - is that meant to be any number of images >=60 or is it meant to be “up to 60 images”? Does the basic package allow 700 images or is it just the premium one? Is the basic package the only one that allows the “700 images within 24 hours”?

If you aren’t sending offers to buyer requests regularly you could do that if you want to increase your chances of orders.

Sir, now tell me what to do?

You could send offers to buyer requests that you can do (in the Selling->Buyer Requests section). Send enough to increase your probability of getting orders (though not so many that you wouldn’t be able to deliver orders in time). You could make the pricing etc. on your background removal gig clearer.


Yes you have say the better

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Then delete my background removal gigata?

uk1000 is not telling you to remove the gig.
You need to make the gig description more clearer.
Same thing with your profile description, you should hire someone to edit it.

I’m sorry to sound harsh but if you don’t understand what that means, perhaps you are not ready to work here just yet.
You also need to use your own design, do not use an image you found online.
The Silvergreen logo belongs to Christian Karling.

Thank you for saying something good to me. #zeus777

But after so much trouble and not getting the order, it feels very bad. Then we want to leave the online world