Anybody know how to quickly go through customer support tickets?


It is incredibly important a race against time.

I would go through each ticket individually, but all the tickets I have placed over the past few years were updated during the account review process.

I need to prove that customer support did tell me not to write product overviews at one stage, before they changed their mind.


Will you have a copy of them in your email folder (eg. in box)? If so, you could do a search of them.


Tried. Seems to be on a different computer :frowning:

I shall have to go through the tickets individually. Hundreds of them, though. Tickets since 2012.


Found it.

It was on the 10th page.


For some reason my CS messages were erased several months back.


I had ones disappear from staff who are no longer on the customer support team but that is about it.

Now I just have to wait for customer support to get back to me.


Interesting. I’m missing 90% of my support tickets since June. They were all erased in what I suppose a mass-support-system internal cleanup.

Not sure why they are gone.