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Anybody know how to quickly go through customer support tickets?

It is incredibly important a race against time.

I would go through each ticket individually, but all the tickets I have placed over the past few years were updated during the account review process.

I need to prove that customer support did tell me not to write product overviews at one stage, before they changed their mind.

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Will you have a copy of them in your email folder (eg. in box)? If so, you could do a search of them.

Tried. Seems to be on a different computer :frowning:

I shall have to go through the tickets individually. Hundreds of them, though. Tickets since 2012.

Found it.

It was on the 10th page.

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For some reason my CS messages were erased several months back.

I had ones disappear from staff who are no longer on the customer support team but that is about it.

Now I just have to wait for customer support to get back to me.

Interesting. I’m missing 90% of my support tickets since June. They were all erased in what I suppose a mass-support-system internal cleanup.

Not sure why they are gone.