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Anybody notice phantom sales in the Manage Sales section?

Yesterday Fiverr server update was a real challenge. (at least there was a warning announcing all hell gets loose between 11pm-5am EST) – trying to manage communications with clients, sending files, when every 5 minutes the site goes down and then up again… messages I sent to clients were sent 3 times each by Fiverr mail system…

oh well, at least thats over, but one thing I noticed is that in my Sales Section there is one extra sale that simply do not exist.

That’s worryingly odd, does it have all the normal info and if you look back through your notifications bar, do you find a corresponding item listed… e.g “some user has just ordered your gig…” etc

no. real phantom order. The only indication to the order is that the “Sales in Queue”, “Priority” and “Active” shows one extra order but there is no reference to any order and I am sure there is no such order.

the phantom order appeared right after the update so I assume somehow to server count another order without a real order to reference to.

strange… might be a halloween thing :slight_smile: