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Anybody on here do fiverr as their full-time job?

I make enough to do fiverr as a fulltime job. I just worry whether it’s sustainable. One small change in the algorithm could destroy your entire fiverr career so it doesn’t feel stable to me. Is it worth pursuing fiverr full-time or should it remain a side income?


I do buddy :slight_smile:

I started selling in Jan 2020 and made the big jump a few months later.

It has been a rollercoaster of year with amazing ups and downs but I love the choice I made, even though the risk was huge.

like anything in life nothing is ever secure or set in stone, even with a full time job… I guess the way the world has changed with Covid this has changed even more.

The great thing about Fiverr is you can earn more than you would in a standard 9-5 but like you mentioned you can earn less.

In my opinion nothing risked, nothing gained.

Andrew :slight_smile:


Yes I am a full time freelancer and working on fiverr

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Fiverr full time - no.
Freelancing full time - yes.


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I agree with @mariashtelle1. I love freelancing, but it is not smart to put all of your eggs :egg:s in one basket! :basket:

It is best to have more than one line of income. I have Fiverr and my pension. I have friends that work on multiple freelancing platforms to have more lines of income. I also have friends that make money blogging on various platforms. I suggest that whatever you do have more than one source of income to be safe.


Fiverr is my preferred freelancing platform - but I would never invest all my efforts into it to the exclusion of other freelance options. In my opinion it is good practice to have two or three outlets at least.

You only have have to read the forums to see claims about how successful gigs have suddenly stopped earning for the seller because they disappeared from search results, or how one bad buyer has affected a seller’s stats to the point where orders dry up, etc.

Like any online marketplace, there is a lot that is out of the control of the seller. You can be riding the crest of the wave one minute, and washed up on the shore the next.

Fiverr is a great platform, but in my opinion only a very naive person would pin all their hopes on Fiverr - or in fairness, on any single platform.


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Nope, I cannot do that.

In fact it is against Forum rules to even mention other platforms. :grimacing: It would be best if you deleted your post or changed it to not include them before you get flagged and you whole post is hidden.