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Anybody seen this before?


While perusing, spotted this one.
The location is showing unknown. :thinking:


Most probably the seller is from Outer Space… :space_invader:


Hahaha it all makes sense now. :laughing:


Yes, I have seen it. Usually I think it ends up putting something weird there like Kiribati for some reason. It has something to do with Fiverr not being able find your location via your IP. I would guess it’s when people use weird proxy servers or VPN or something and it goes wrong. (Maybe once you set your proxy to outer space, Fiverr puts you in alien mode.)


The only realistic reason for this that I can think of: he’s an alien


Maybe account is made after manipulating the proxy,Its happening these days i ve seen it on YouTube


Thank you @fonthaunt I learned something new today!

@psychicbunny aliens are among us. Skidders! <~~~ Falling Skies reference. :slight_smile:


Yes, they are. I would estimate about 9% of sellers on Fiverr are off-planet. However, I think the percentage of non-earthlings that are selilng while living or traveling ON Earth at a very low number because as you see from the picture you included, it’s hard for them to “pass.” I wouldn’t order any of their gigs because they never put their real profile pic.

The ones that are living in their spacecraft or on their home planets can do some nice work, though. Just write to them before order and explain that you can’t see where they are and you’d like to know what planet they are from and if their delivery time is listed in earth time. Last time I ordered from a Martian, his delivery time was in SOLs and it ended up in an apocalyptic disaster! :rocket:


I will definitely keep that in mind. No Martians allowed :stuck_out_tongue:
FYI~ Your posts are always inspiring, informative, and humorous, too. :heart:


Despite of been from some outer space…the seller still have ratings…


I am glad you enjoy them! I can be quite cranky, as some regulars will attest! :wink:


@divyagoel Of course, good ratings can be earned anywhere! I’ve purchased a few gigs from the beings from Sqornshellous Zeta and always left a 5 star plus a tip!


@fonthaunt yes true… I agree…That was just for fun… :slight_smile:


Great fun! Just be careful if you decide to buy from those particular aliens. They look soft and friendly as you can see at but in reality they are - well - soft and friendly! :wink:
<img src=“"”>

(The Sqornshellous Zeta planet was a conception of the great Douglas Adams, writer of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!)


As someone earlier said, this could be as a result of Fiverr not being able to determine the person’s location during registration.


Perhaps the seller created his/her account using Tor Browser. (Just a guess :grin:)


Maybe the seller is a Ghostwriter! :scream: