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Anybody Tell Me Fiver Rules

Tell me rules of fivers

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Do you seriously want us to copy them all here?

Just go to fiverr page and read all TOS (that you agreed for by the way when you joined this website). All rules are written there.


No Don’t Copy Them here.
Thankyou for this information.

As @mariashtelle1 already noted, you should know the rules already. You already agreed to the Terms of Service when you signed up for your account? Did you not read the rules at that time?

If you need to read them again – and you should – the Terms of Service are linked from the bottom of any Facebook page. Read them and be wise.

EDIT: At the bottom of any FIVERR page. Oi. My mistake. :wink:


And they are at the bottom of the Fiverr home page too! :wink:


You know what, as a seller you must read terms of service of this platform.

This was my first (most probably the last :joy:) application/software/service where i read whole terms of service top to bottom without missing any word. :sweat_smile::v:

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