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Anybody using facebook to make promotions?


HI, I just create my first 2 gigs, and add to facebook ads. anybody has any experience with this , can you share thoughts ideas?


It will help in increasing your clicks and views but not sure if that will increase your sells.


how how much do u spend for fb ad?


i tired it and I would call it a failure but then I’m no Facebook expert when it comes to creating ads. I haven’t seen much feedback or info on this.

When I went through the facebook phase, I was asking other successful sellers who were ranked high what there off site promotion was and not one said they did any off site promotion (I got feedback from about 17 sellers). I keep seeing off site promotion being pushed and yet never seen any evidence that it works.

For myself I have done facebook, done blogs, written articles on forums, wrote my own blogs using google blogger and so on. I did quite a bit and based on how my gigs impressions, sales and ranking is sinking I’m not sold on that off site promotions works. I’d love to see actual evidence from someone that it does.


it is just use less and waste of time and money.


Yes, I am trying with 20. 3 days, very narrow group of people, so if make 1 sale, then i will repeat :slight_smile:


I don’t think so it really helps, May be because of this your clicks increase but not sure about sell


Social media add does even work for big coprarations, they used them for impression like reminding them of their existing.
You are doing quite good now congrats.