Anybody want to give me a little advice?


I joined 9 months ago and got a couple of orders for my proofreading gig pretty much straight away, but then I had to take a break from Fiverr as I was to busy to give it my full attention.

But now I’m back and have restarted my proofreading gig, edited and updated it. I am getting lots of impressions and clicks but as of yet, no orders.

If anybody has the time to check out my gig and has any opinions on how it could be improved I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Link to my gig -


I’m willing to bet:

  1. Pretty picture = People clicking (high clicks)
  2. No gig video explaining what you do in a personalized fashion.
    (I dont care what gig you have , make a video or kick rocks! Thats how it is here)
  3. Read up on SEO , what is is , apply it to your gig description.
  4. Add gig photos , totally unnecessary but fiverr’s search engine loves it.
    (If anything - cute pics - more clicks - finally sales)
  5. Extra homework - Google Plus page for your gig , share it on facebook , share it on the gig forum here every once in a while… fiverr made that easy lately…
  6. And look for buyer requests

Your gig probably has much competition but you will stand above several because of the way you wrote it. Its very articulated and to the point. SEO it a bit in the beginning and follow the tips above should help. - Video video video video video video … Thats your biggest thing. Every gig … needs … video… =D

-Devin / VideoStore


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m working on a video for it now!!! And then I will look at SEO.


Advertising through the right channels can help hugely. I offer a gig where I create a twitter account for you and grow real followers. NO ROBOTS!