Anybody watching cricket today?


India versus Pakistan, big match, but got 2 big orders - total 10,000 words to be done. Deadline early tomorrow morning. So can’t afford to be distracted. Anyway, it’s raining in Birmingham, UK, so that match may not happen at all. Let’s see. Who will win? India are favorites, but in cricket any team can win on any day.


I suggest you to get cricbuzz on phone.


Yeah, I have seen their silly ads. LOL.


Damn…I don’t usually care about results of cricket matches, just watch them for fun and to be honest, I will make money regardless of the result from my match previews and match reports. But this match has been hyped up so much that I am nervous, like I have an exam or something. Thank God I have a lot of work today, will keep me occupied.


Boys playing well so far…let’s see…


Ask for extension!!! Just explain to your clients that it is really important. I think you got to live too :wink:


Boys did well today :sunglasses:


Boys did excellent :stuck_out_tongue: ( Except fielding though)


Not a cricket fan but many years ago I used to sponsor a local cricket team here in Ireland and the professional was Raman Lamba whom I found to be a very charming man. I know that he later died in a freak cricketing incident and I suppose as a cricket fan you might know about him. Anyhow you seem happy as your team won! :slight_smile:


Yes, he played a few matches for India in the early 1990s, I think. Good batsman.