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Anyone also got this problem? No Fiverr revenue card options in Earning page (Updated Fixed))


Update: My Problem Fixed, I can WITHDRAW now

I have already added a Payoneer card to my account. Many times I have WITHDRAWN with this card. But suddenlt today I am not seeing the card in my Earning page. Only showing Bank transfer and the Paypal.
You can see this screenshot

Anyone facing this problem?
If you know solutions, I love to hear from you so that I can get balance to Payoneer card Immideatly.

Thank you in advance.

Fiverr revenue card not showing
Only Paypal account and bank transfer only in the revenue withdrawal..Are you having the same?

Same here


Now , I am seeing same as you. Bank are not showing. Also Only have Paypal as you. Very bad. Fiverr why did this without any notice.


Hi, Solved now! You can see.


I can see only Paypal…!! Why…??


Did it just appear again for you, or did you have to contact Customer Support?

I also see only PayPal and Bank Transfer.


Only PayPal and here.


Only PP and bank here


UPDATE: It’s fixed now, and I didn’t have to do anything, just wait. I hope it will be quickly fixed for you, too!


I’m having the same issue. The page took surprisingly long to load as well, so something is broken definitely.


Same problem here hope it will be resolved soon


Same problem.
I withdrawn money yesterday.
But it is not transferred to my bank account yet.


I am not seeing the problem in my account yet. The problem is fixed and I can now withdrow money


I am currently unable to use the bank withdrawal option. The only option available is Paypal. I submitted a support ticket, hopefully this is resolved quickly.


Yes, agreed with you. Hope this will fix by fiverr team ASAP.


Having the Same Issue. I can only see PayPal as a withdrawal option.


Same here. I can’t see the fiverr revenue card on the withdrawal options. Only paypal.


Oh, So sad ! :pensive:


So sad! You can contact with fiverr team.


Any update about the issue. I am still facing safe problem, What to do?