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Anyone Can help me, I am a new seller at Fiverr Market Place

My name is Imean Munjirin. I am a new seller at Fiver Marketplace. I’m a Full Stack Web Developer. I joined Fiverr a few months ago.
Now, Anyone one can help me (Fiverr Forum)… How do I get my first order & How to improve buyer request? Please, give me some idea, how can I get order my gigs.

  1. Increase impression.
  2. Share your gig on social media, linkedin, Forum etc.
  3. use good seo keyword in gigs.
  4. Make attractive gig image.

Thank you so much for giving the suggestion.Do you have any hidden tricks of Gig’s marketing Idea?

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There are no hidden tricks to marketing your gig. To be successful in marketing, you need to understand your target customers, and figure out how to reach out to those customers and tell them about the services that you offer.


criteria for creating new gig:

  1. eyecatching title
  2. targeted tag
  3. unique description
  4. add faq
  5. add image
  6. add gig video
  7. share your gig all social media

that’s work is very much helpful to get order.


Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information on how to get orders.
Here is a link to get you started