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Anyone can help me to calculate rating?

anyone can help me to calculate rating?

how many 5star can help me to reach 4.7 average of 60days

previous 60days

total order = 13

10 = 5star

2= 1 star

1= 2star

now many 5 stars can help me to save my level to reach 4.7



It’s simple and this calculation is always the same.

Solve it for x: (54 + 5x) / (13 + x) = 4.65

54 = 10 * 5 + 2 * 1 + 1 * 2
13 = 10 + 2 + 1
4.65, It’s because of the rounding.


Just a simple sentence as a heading is likely to get more replies.


so i need 4 order to reach 4.9 or 5 ?

If you solve the equation above, you’ll get x ~ 18.43 which means you need to get 19 five-star ratings for 4.7.

thanks a lot. really appreciated

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You should also start asking people how not to get such bad ratings.

I’d focus on that moving forward more than anything.

There’s a negative review stating that they won’t be using Fiverr again because of you.


I admire people who are patient enough to explain an elementary school math


simple sentence as a heading is likely to get more replie:blush::blush:s

I used to be a Math-and-Physics tutor. I’m not surprised how bad at Math some people are! :smiley:
By the way, that’s far worse when someone from them has financial major or something that requires excellent numeracy in the first place.


That explains it!

I started discovering this only when I joined this forum and started seeing this question asked every day at least 3 times. I guess I was living in a different world of unicorns :joy:


If it’s that often maybe Fiverr could create an app or website option for it so users wouldn’t need to solve the equations and could quickly see the answer automatically.

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I think it should four order that can make grow up.