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Anyone can suggest me how to increase buyer request?

Hey All there in fiverr forum,
I am new in fiverr.I am a professional web designer and developer.I have create 2 gigs in my fiverr account.But when i search my buyer request sometimes i find nothing and sometimes i find 1 or 2 buyer request.Now anyone can help me to increase it?

This is my fiverr gigs,You can visit my gigs and give me some tips and tricks about my gigs?if you find any problem in my gigs please inform me.

Thank you all.

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They will most likely increase when you advance to level 1. In the meantime, you could refresh the page more often, and/or create additional gigs in different categories.

For the gigs, maybe remove “unlimited revisions” use a lower amount. Create additional gigs. For your wix website gig you could show example sites images in your gig images.

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