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Anyone can suggest me what to do with these kind of rude behavior people?


i get this client and he wasn’t happy with my price then i ask him to hire someone else to do his task then he start to being rude then he blame about that i’m scamming with people lol.


i don’t want to hurt my business because of these kind of people, can i avoid getting orders without creating offering? i think no.

he said that he will make multiple accounts and will leave bad reviews about me.

anything else i can do about it?
Thank you.

Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting.

This user also goes under at least one other alias that I know of…

Block report and ignore. Simple.


thank you for helping!

I know you want people to be aware of this person but it’s not allowed to call out or show the usernames of who you’re referring to… Please do immediately report this to Customer Support as well. I’m so sorry you are going through such a thing. It’s sad that people go to lengths like this.

Keep in mind that naming and shaming isn’t allowed on the forum, so you better remove his name from the screenshots.

Also, calling someone cheap is rude.

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i’m sorry but i get angry when he said i’m scamming with people. I’m going to remove his name from screenshots.

Thanks for informing me, next time i will be careful! i recently submit report about his behavior to fiverr.

I understand, but it’s best to always respond in a professional manner. You don’t want him to use your words against you, do you?

The buyer can leave a review if they accept your order meaning you’ll get paid.
And you have enough reviews to absorb a few negative reviews if that’s the case.

You’ve reported the user. That’s all you can do so don’t worry about it.

This buyer will also switch to being super nice… Then make an excuse why you need to contact them off Fiverr. They may also try and be ‘reasonable’ by sending you work examples which they have paid as little as $5 - $10 for previously.

Because of all the above, it is imperative not to participate in any kind of conversation. Just report, block, and keep on repeating.

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Yes, your right but this order cancellation will hurt our order completion, delivery time for no reason :confused: . Fiverr should do something about it.

No i don’t want. your absolutely right. I should not reply him and ignore, report and block as @cyaxrex tell.

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