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Anyone Else Experiencing A Fall In Gig Stats & Sales

Hi, everyone.
Recently I’ve noticed a lot of people on social media saying almost all their gig stats are down and so are sales. This happens almost at every end of the month and I’m personally experiencing it first hand. Does everyone go through this or is this due to some mistake made by sellers? Can anyone shine some light on this issue?

Business, like life and the stock markets, can go down as well as up.

Also, people tend to moan more than celebrate. Who has time to brag about being successful when they’re in the weeds? Conversely, who has time to moan about how it’s all someone else’s fault when they have only tumbleweeds for company?

Well said, but as I mentioned earlier, this is just to see whether it’s a lack of traffic or just an issue of how I’m handling my gigs so that I can take the appropriate steps to fix said issue.