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Anyone else experiencing really low sales...?

My sales have went down drastically since Oct 23. Usually I have 15-20 orders on my list, but now there are only 7… It has never been this low ever since I became top rated seller. I’m wondering if this is due to a change in Fiverr’s gig display system, or if it’s entirely my fault for not doing enough…

I hope I may get some answers on this.

Zero sales for the past 3 days (I think). Down from around 30 a day a month back :slight_smile:

Reply to @ryangillam: Some people might see a long queue and think “this guy is not gonna have any time for me.” Hard to tell.

I get between 3-9 orders a day within various gigs, I’m only sad that my Book Title gig is no longer getting orders, it’s not my most profitable gig, but I do have 42 reviews and always enjoyed writing titles for books. Maybe there aren’t enough people writing books? Or perhaps when people type “book titles” or “book brands” or “book names” my gig isn’t showing? Hard to tell.

I do get a little annoyed when I see people with less reviews than me on the first row, left corner:

Like this guy

17% cancellation rate, 0 orders in queue, he’s a level 1.

fastcopywriter said: Reply to @ryangillam: Some people might see a long queue and think "this guy is not gonna have any time for me." Hard to tell.

Actually I do not appear in the Fiverr search system at all any more. Went through about 200 'high rated' gigs and I am not there. I used to be. People just aren't finding my gig. Last month:

4,000 impressions on my gig. Click through rate of 25% (roughly). This month...200 views....0 orders. Clicks: 4.

I wonder how many of those 200 high rated gigs use video? I’ve seen some wild stuff happen to small online businesses since the huge push for video.

Thank you all for the replies. I have heard that Fiverr is implementing a new featured gig formula to help new sellers get more views, and looks like that is the case.

Now, I understand the thing about giving new sellers a chance, but dragging down other sellers with an established business for it? That’s just not fair. Especially when some of us depend most entirely on our Fiverr income. Really, the administration should do more to expand the Fiverr buyer pool, not take away buyers from us…

yah my sales have gone down… I am constantly making changes but not getting sufficient results. arrrrrghhhh

Sorry about that… I can tell you that as a buyer who got screwed for the second time in a week by a seller, I’m probably never use this website again:

  • there is no way to report scam to fiverr
  • there is no way to contact any type of support
  • as soon as a seller does shit, he can simply cancel an order, and never get reviews, not complicated to get 99% positive.

    Sorry if I’m off topic, I’m just really pissed right now, but maybe that can give you an idea why the sales go down, I wish you all well but hope that bloody FIVERR will bankrupt as soon as possible and get off the internet

Reply to @yaboconcept: A couple of things to mention here. Yes, you can contact Fiverr support for your top two issues. Second, you don’t have to accept mutual cancellation from a seller for your third issue. Even if they do get a mutual cancellation from you it still will affect them negatively to cancel at all.

I understand your frustration but I don’t think these issues are without solutions and certainly not the cause of lowered sales in my opinion.