Anyone else facing this serious problem?


Hello everyone,
For the last few days, my gigs are not appearing in search WHEN “Show Online Sellers” filter is applied. Note that my gigs appear on the first page without the filter. I talked to CS but they could not identify what the problem is and just said everything is fine with my account?
Moreover, I see that very few sellers are online these days. So I thought this might be happening with some others too. Can you please check it for your gigs? Is this a bug or some specific problem with my account?
Your response will be appreciated.


I don’t have this issue.


Thanks for checking.


I´ve noticed this a few times, but I don´t check very often.
I did just now, though, searching for “translation German” first, which has lots of results, the “show online sellers” filter showed 4 (!) sellers, I clicked, those 4 gigs that are showing, belong to only 2 sellers (2 gigs each), so, apparently, there are only 2 sellers online of all those who offer German translation… and no, I´m not one of the 2, even though I´m definitely online and logged in…


Thanks a lot for checking it deeply. I also feel the same. I used to search for “PowerPoint template” and there used to be 20+ online sellers all the time. But now this search shows only 2 sellers and sometimes no seller at all. So I think it’s a bug and not everyone is aware of it.