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Anyone else feel like there starving when they eat a big meal before going to bed?

I had the most strange experience over the last 24 hours. I made the decision to eat at an all you can eat buffet relatively late last night; I had to celebrate my modest Fiverr success somehow.

Anyways, I went to bed absolutely stuffed, and woke up this morning starving. I kid you not I was so hungry I could barely stand-up. I ended up having a massive breakfast, before my appetite got back to normal.

Now I know how “Fat Bastard” from Austin Powers feels like…it really is a “vicious cycle.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else have this happen to them?


I get very hungry late at night after a normal meal and yes I have awakened famished after a big meal the night before but I limit myself to a tiny amount of yogurt or applesauce when I feel this way and am training my stomach to expect less.

I think the stomach stretches out and even after it empties the big meal you ate the previous night, it is still enlarged and demanding more food.


You know what, that actually makes a lot of sense! The stomach stretching would explain a lot. I admire your discipline for eating modestly when you this happens to you. I can’t promise i’ll follow your example next time it happens; but at least I know why now.

I can’t plead ignorance anymore :sob:

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Something similar occurred two weeks ago and I couldn’t figure out why myself especially when nothing big was consumed. Even worse, some months back I was eating but it was like I could never get full.

Most people feel hungry in the morning, the word breakfast is really two words: break fast, because you’re literally breaking 8-hours of not eating anything. This is why the best time to weight yourself is after waking up. You’re not only hungry, you aren’t bloated with liquids.