Anyone else find it amusing that "Support" isn't in the community drop-down?


Anyone else find it amusing that “Support” isn’t in the community drop-down menu? You can see Blog & Forum, but probably one of the most asked things is “Where is the support button?”. I just find it amusing. This is surely a bug, right? :slight_smile: My only guess is since it runs on essentially a different system this may be why it isn’t listed there.


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah I see it there now. I guess it would make more sense to be there than in the community area since you can’t really interact with people like you can on the forum or the blog. Was aware of the other two places. Just the way the “flow” is though for the drop-downs, it feels like it should fit in the drop-down under community though.


Reply to @madmoo: I can agree on that one, it looks awkward.


Reply to @bachas85: We can always hope they bring that back at least. In general it’s not too bad, but I think it requires too much clicking for some sections when it wasn’t really necessary.


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Reply to @scoban: Yeah, I suppose it’s more relevant there.