Anyone else find this annoying?


Waiting for buyers to get back to you with more info on a gig or them saying they will get back to you and order one, meanwhile a day goes by but you notice that they’re online and using Fiverr and still haven’t replied, you give them leeway as they maybe busy or haven’t logged off properly, so you wait. Then another day goes by, same thing, haven’t replied but you can clearly see that they’re online, so you send them a polite reminder asking whether or not they still want the gig? Another day goes by same thing, I mean seriously how hard is it to actually reply/communicate with someone to tell them you don’t want the gig anymore, it’s common courtesy, I mean if a seller did that to a buyer they’d go nuts and abuse them and report them to CS, I’m sick of buyers giving me the run around without having the fortitude to say no thank you, just any input on what’s happening would be nice instead of dead space! :frowning:


*On further investigation I Google searched (which I’m going to do beforehand for every user now) this user and have found out that they’re fairly incompetent when making orders, almost every review they give the seller headaches it would seem, well at least the first few orders, interesting to say the least but not very surprising!


Worst buyers are one who order, then saying “I will get back to you with info”.

Why then you ordered if you don’t know what you need yet…

Most cancellations are because of buyers like that


How do you search people’s reviews like that? I must search the forum now :slight_smile: I’m sorry you’ve a hassle of a client.


It may help to list your exact requirements in your gig description. Mark your requirements as “Not Optional” then at-least it will be documented in case a dispute arises.

You’re a TRS, so I’m sure you don’t need my advice :slight_smile:


If someone doesn’t have all requirements they don’t need to order it before they get all. I have optional questions for some of my gigs. And yet that are simple questions. Like page size for books, what is most important.

Worst thing for me is when they order excel gig and saying that they will get all info soon. On excel gig I don’t have optional questions. Usually they never reply after…


Most of my FAST DELIVERY requests are not ready with their info. Who are they rushing? Me or themselves to get their info together?


Yep just enter their username and Fiverr in Google search, if they’ve got an account and made review it will pop up, so you can screen them beforehand to find out whether they’re a problem buyer or not? :slight_smile:


Yeah I know, so frustrating, esp when they blame you for mutually cancelling because of their mistake! :frowning:


Btw this buyer never got back to me, even though I can still see that they’re online from our conversation, I just said peek a boo I can see you and left it at that, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: