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Anyone else get this email from Fiverr?

My wife thinks i’m handsome enough to do it. :crazy_face:

Here’s an update on the matter.


Nope, not me! :wink:

Those big bold black letters in middle are screaming fake in my ears.

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Look like a scam! If Fiverr is doing something like that they will surely inform everyone here! Why just they will reach to you! Just thinking :wink:

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Surely not, but personally, I’d still ask support before filling out that typeform.


Yes! That is the best option.

However, they starting lines say “I wanted to reach out to you about potentially participating” First Fiverr will never use “I”. Also as I said they will inform if they email is asking for participation why will they approach one by one. They never do that they always inform in forum and ask everyone interested to reach out (like a recent one about Fiverr Learn)

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Well, if you’re sure.

About the “I”, if the person who is the community social manager signs that mail personally, I don’t quite see why she’d not use “I”, also CS staff do use “I” in their replies, but never mind that. Better safe than sorry and just ask.

I think this is legit. fiverr manager usually talks casually in their email.

Hope it helps.

If you have doubt, reply her ask her some question before really send your selfie to her.

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I just got a mail by some other staff person with a full name, and “Voice of Customer Specialist” tag, an invitation to take part in an one-on-one phone call which looks legit. Sent by and from the domain. Seems they are doing stuff.

I didn’t read any forum announcements about that either. :wink:

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Just remember not to waive absolute copyright control of your likeness. Make Fiverr buy a commercial licence and make sure the terms are in your favor. If you don’t, you could have your modeling career ruined the next time Fiverr decides to go all Heroin chic.


Oh, I just got this one as well. At least we can call in and vent a bit, I guess. :slight_smile:

Actually, they can read about my experience and all all over their forum for free already. :wink:


I’m sorry for sounding dense but is that real? It’s hard to believe they will pay to transport someone and pay for all expenses for a photoshoot.

How can I participate it ? Any process…

According to Alejandro at Customer Support it is indeed legit.


Customer Support verified it as legit.

I never got one, guess that makes me ugly :frowning:

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She’s definitely not ugly. :princess:

I got it as well. Already submitted my application,