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Anyone else get Tons of pre approved paypal charges wtf?

I paid for 5 gigs, tipped 2 people yet im charged for 15 in paypal

can anyone explain what pre approved charges are and how to get the money back? from what i see they are charged of “quotes” sellers offered.

Seller (Undisclosed) $6.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $93.50
Seller (Undisclosed) $12.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $6.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $18.00

Seller (Undisclosed) $21.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $6.00

Aug 24, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6
Aug 23, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6
Aug 21, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $73.50
Aug 21, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6
Aug 21, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $16
Aug 20, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6
Aug 20, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6
Aug 20, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6
Aug 19, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6
Aug 19, 17 Deposit from Credit Card / PayPal (view order) $6

All Orders
Seller (Undisclosed) $6.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $93.50
Seller (Undisclosed) $12.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $21.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $6.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $6.00
Seller (Undisclosed) $18.00

What i dont understand is this!, several of the charges above are qoutes cancelled.

pre approvals are like subscriptions. You give a specific company the authority to charge on a specific time(like on a monthly basis) Fiverr doesn’t have any pre approval options. What you need to do is click on your paypal account… Settings ==> Payments then click manage pre approvals… If you are subscribed to anything they will appear there. If they don’t appear there you should contact paypal support as your account my be compromised


Thanks for your comment

I had already done that when i noticed i was charged for more then the services i paid for in paypal

Pre approved charges in paypal seem to be the custom order quotes i got from sellers before deciding to pay them, for example one seller was working out a custom order with me and we changed the final price, the first quote during the conversation was already a pre approved bill in paypal., then the final price, thats like paying twice!

and now my account here is also blocked because i raised a case with paypal,
basically what i paid sellers, as well as tipped is all done, but all this additional mombo jumbo looks like a bug to me, i may be wrong but there is only one way to find out

There´s a setting to ‘save payment methods’, maybe it does something similar as the ‘preapproved charges’ thing? You can´t uncheck it now, obviously, as your account has been restricted for now, but in case you´ll work things out and buy again with paypal, maybe this is interesting to read then:
Fiverr blocks accounts when buyers raise disputes with paypal instead of relying on Fiverr to work it out (I think that´s in the Fiverr ToS too), but just talk to Customer Support, I´ve made the experience that they are very reasonable as long as you are, too.

There does seem to be a bug with the payment system sometimes.

Anyway, sh*t happens, but if everyone stays civil and on it, things don´t always but do often work out in the end. :four_leaf_clover:

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You’re PayPal transactions are correct.

It can be confusing, I’ve been through the same thing you have, scratching my head. See the math below, hopefully what I did makes sense. I have a pretty good idea of what is what by your transaction fees, cancelled orders, 5r credit, etc.

Undue your dispute, notify customer support and they will restore your account.

I recommend you create a team account next time, you could have saved $8 in transaction fees. That’s what I have.

Edit, I’m on my tablet & this looks bad, but the math works out.

PAYPAL warned me that if you cancel a dispute you can not re opened it in the event something is wrong.

Okay, that’s up to you.

Right now, 5r withdrew money from your sellers account with the generic message,

“A dispute has been opened, cease all work you are doing . . .”

Chargeback automatically takes money back from your sellers, so they either have a negative balance or less money.

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What about the math? If you look at the before and after funds in your account are you missing any funds? If you made 7 transactions but charged for 15 it would mean that you lost some funds.

i have been comparing paypal to this and i will post the details so you see, i hve basically been charged twice

what stressful about all this is how western union has also not returned money that was frozen due to an error their own page caused by refreshing during a SMS code confirmation request from my phone, its been 2 weeks now, i know its not paypal or fiverr but just saying its annoying when all this stuff happens, especially at the same time

also the money was already taken from my bank account

i also noticed commission charges to my debit card like 1€ etc etc, for 7 gigs its a bit too much if you ask me, i have things to do here and get back to this tomorow

As a courtesy, we’ve canceled this payment agreement for you. In the future, however, please be aware that you can manage and cancel your payment agreements directly from your PayPal account.

Here’s how to cancel a payment agreement:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the Settings cog beside “Log out.”
  3. Click Preapproved payments under “Payment settings.”
  4. Click the merchant name for the payment agreement you want to cancel.
  5. Click Cancel.

If you’re unhappy with the terms of your payment agreement, we encourage you to work with the merchant to find a resolution.

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So does that fix the problem now?, im under in paypal for 98€ that was already taken from my bank account

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OP Fiverr account appears reinstated and 72 hours have passed, it is assumed that they have resolved their issue with Customer Support.