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Anyone else getting a load of these recently?

Hi everyone,

I hope everything is going relatively well in these uncertain times. I am just wondering if this is becoming a tend in 2021, I’ve received too many buyers on Fiverr clicking the ‘Revision’ button because they are a middle person and want to delay the 3 day period (screen-shot). Has anyone else been receiving an influx of these?

For me, what’s even more concerning is I have a requirement asking you to explain your idea. Like in the case in the screen-shot, the buyer simply put “freelance it”.

Just wondering…



I avoid resellers when possible. If they can’t communicate, even more so as things are ‘lost in translation’.

If the order is complete, to this buyer’s specifications, it’s not your responsibility if their buyer didn’t like it. Your job is technically done. Revisions do make the process more difficult. In the ToS:

  • Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order Page while an Order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the Seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the Seller at the beginning of the order process.

Your buyer is technically abusing the revisions option, and also failed to fill out your initial contract (requirements). I know Fiverr CS probably wouldn’t agree, but I see this as making the contract void.

You could redeliver the order. If you want, you can state in the delivery message that he does still have two revisions left if there are still changes needed (within the scope of the order), but that all instructions for changes must be delivered at the time of the revision request.

In summary: His client shouldn’t be your problem.

Side comment: I glanced at your gig and didn’t find anything in it that defines what a ‘revision’ is. If it’s in your requirements, that’s fair, but there’s a lot of risk you’re taking on without the boundaries. Have you ever had issues with buyers asking for more than you offer?



Thanks for the reply, indeed I handle these situations quite well. My concern was mainly that it was happening more frequently so I just wanted to see if it was across the entire platform.

As far as stating what a revision is, I do have something in the requirements that touch on this subject, however, I believe what you are saying about what a revision is may be beneficial in the FAQs, though, I do get persons who order my gig for logo vectors, logo illustrations as well as not answering the questions in the requirement fields and so forth, but indeed, it does add additional cover which can be referred to.

However, yes, in theory “His client shouldn’t be your problem” is a statement I agree with, however sadly, this is a an area that can’t really be policed on Fiverr, so as indicated we just have to do what we can.


No, none of the buyers for my current gigs have been middle men, though you can’t really resell a reading done for someone else. But this takes the cake for me :arrow_down::

I can’t believe someone actually put “freelance it” like that… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: . Like, how vague can a buyer get? And also, it sort of dismisses you being a legitimate business offering an on demand service- like freelancing requires no thought or skill on the part of the seller?

On a side note, I always make sure that when I create my gigs, I check the box with the most important requirements as mandatory so that they have to fill it in before the order can be placed.

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I have realized that easily half of all BR are Re-Sellers (same in other places).

Not a drama if they are skilled but not when like this idiot who has done none of the work that defines being a middle-man.

@imagination7413 has it right, make clear what you will and will not do therefore who your client is. Use the FAQ in your Gig maybe. You can even add a Yes/No in your Gig Requirements that says that if the buyer is a reseller they understand that you work for your buyer (them), not thiers. They might still hit yes without understanding but that gives you a strong platform from which to say, Ummm doofus extraordinaire…



What if they’d said something like…

Hey, I like it. Let me confirm with my boss or the higher ups.

It’s far better than them asking for an unnecessary revision while waiting for their client’s response on the first iteration. You can always re-deliver the same piece if it takes them too long to return.

At least you are getting a massage.


Actually, readings can be resold by a middleman.

All a seller has to do here is set up a Gig stating they will give a reading - let’s say they charge $10 or higher for this reading - they then go to a seller who is only charging $5, order their Gig, and give the seller they are pawning the reading off on, the question the person wants answered.

I don’t have a problem with this, because I charge a lot for what I do to avoid the resellers. I think when I was only charging $5 years ago, there were some coming in and ordering certain Gigs and selling them at a higher price. I knew this, because the ones ordering were readers charging more than $5! LOL



I’m fairly sure requesting a revision but not telling you what to revise on is considered abusing the revision system. At least I’m not familiar with a rule that allows a buyer (Or seller) to basically stop an order and preventing the seller to be paid, especially if it was already finished.

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This is why, on my main gig, I say that I work directly with small business owners. I do not want to work with a middleman/woman, ever!