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Anyone else getting requests for accounts to you know where?

Seriously, almost a month on the platform and I’ve only had two custom order requests that have not actually come through yet for reasons completely unrelated. But OH MAN, there’s lots of people from you know where trying to get me to create accounts for them on you know what platform.

And then, I didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to say the name of the platform whose name shall not be spoken apparently. I got flagged for violations for simply explaining that it is against policy for me to do such work. Like, seriously!? Is Fiverr so terrified of competition that they have to essentially threaten and censor conversation? I feel like I’m working in the USSR on Fiverr. I better get back in line lest the thought police come and raid my conversations lol

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:rofl::sweat_smile: I thought I was the only one in the gulag. I’m walking on eggshells everyday. :hushed: