Anyone Else Had a Seller Who Tried to Pass Off an Edited Version of a Licensed Image?


I’ve already invested over an hour trying to report and get a refund on an image that is not even close to what I asked for and is also just a licensed image that has had the background removed (something I could do in 2 seconds if I bought the licence). It shouldn’t be this hard to report cheaters. Sellers who disregard copyright should not be on Fiverr. If a buyer can prove the infringement, it should be easy to report. I shouldn’t have to deal with a blatant copyright infringer who refuses to rectify the situation. It’s crazy!

So many scam artists selling stolen crap

Just Cancel the Order, you don’t need to report it to Fiverr. You are a Buyer. Just visit the Order Page and cancel the order and give the appropriate reason. If seller is trying to trick you out, he/she will have to Cancel the order.


I tried to cancel, but the seller has to agree and he doesn’t. He completely ignores my comments and continues to ask for me to complete the order and give him a great review. What!?! Clearly whoever it is does not speak English or is feigning ignorance.


Send cancellation request again and again. If the seller is not agree this time then just report fiverr with the conversation, proofs of not cancelling the order and not providing the service that you are looking for. Fiverr will automatically cancel your order from their end.
To escalate your report more fast, Tweet the “Fiverr Support” with the reference number.
Don’t worry. The result will be positive on your side.


That’s what I’m doing, but it’s crazy that if you can show visual proof of the copyright infringement that it should take me hours to get this done. Not worth it for $22, but on principle I have to pursue it in hopes no one else has to endure this fraudulent seller.


I am really sorry you have to face this type of issue. :pensive: From the next time… try to be more attentive when ordering an service from a seller.
Hope you will get you money back.


Sadly, I’ve referred online clients to Fiverr for little jobs for years. This was MY first order and probably my last. How well support addresses this issue will determine whether I’ll ever visit Fiverr or refer my clients to it again. So far I am NOT impressed about the hoops I have had to jump through. I won’t bore you with the details.If it was just a matter of a seller delivering something I didn’t care for I would just have chalked it up to. “I made the wrong choice in seller.” This is blatant copyright infringement. That’s on a whole other level. I was under the impression that there was some kind of vetting of sellers or that they had some kind of online presence that was reviewed before acceptance as a seller. Clearly, that is not the case.


They take a clear stance on it in their terms and there’s quite a few posts by sellers who got gigs removed or their accounts suspended for IP/copyright issues, on this forum and elsewhere, so I’m pretty sure fiverr takes it seriously.
Sorry you had bad luck and have the hassle now, I’m sure many people, both buyers and sellers, are glad for anyone who takes the hassle for the principle, as it helps all the many honest people on fiverr.


No, there isn’t. Fiverr is advertised as a platform where you can start selling or buying with just a few clicks. As such, it attracts not only professionals who don’t want to go through several tests to prove that they can do what they’ve been doing for years or decades, but also folks who want to get rich quickly even though they have nothing of value to offer (and are often completely unaware of copyright or any other laws).

As @miiila said, copyright infringement is taken seriously, and gigs get removed for it (or even sellers, for repeat violations). Support will definitely look into it if you have sent them a ticket, but, depending on the amount of tickets that they have to deal with, it might take them a day or two until they respond to you.

Please keep us updated!


Fiverr is a good place like any other Platform. You will find these types of users everywhere who tries to take the buyer’s money. It doesn’t mean that Fiverr is a bad place. You just need to be careful when you are purchasing something. I am sure you will get good result from CS.


Simply report the seller and request the cancellation of the order by customer support if the seller is refusing to agree. Not sure why it is taking you so long to do though. Support won’t tell you how they deal with the seller, just that they will look into it. After reporting and requesting cancellation, just move on.
I have seen sellers banned or suspended for things like this so it is worth doing although you will only find this out if you check back on the seller in a few days time.


Hello, sorry this happened to you!

I am curious about what kind of reviews the sellers has, and what level of seller it is.


It was my first purchase on Fiverr and I was looking for the person who had samples closest to what I was needing. Clearly I have research to do if I ever order again.

Support cancelled the order for me, so it’s been dealt with. Thanks for all your help!


really? copyright infringement is handled properly by Fiverr?

Have you taken a look at the logo/video section?

Templates from other platforms, images from artists, artwork from famous illustrators, stock photos with watermark kinda removed, music with obvious sound watermark still heard…

Speaking as an animator, if Fiverr decided to clean up video gigs with stolen, copyrighted work, out of let’s say 10.000, around 800 would remain.

@iamsachmusic I disagree. I don’t think @legendary10 or any other buyer should “be more attentive”.

Fiverr is a platform preparing to enter the big league, trying to shake its $5 past.

Maybe it’s high time impostors, pirates, and scammers are dealt with.


Do you think Fiverr is the only site where this happens? The other freelance platforms have the same situation but it is not as noticeable as most orders are done through a bidding system rather than gig searches.
The idea of a clean up is great but in reality the same people would just do the same again and it would need constant monitoring by staff. For me, 20% is enough to surrender to costs, I am more than happy to leave some of the seller vetting process up to the buyer rather than having all sellers have to pay for the misdeeds of some (ok, many). The prices on this site are generally much lower than elsewhere too, surely the buyer can do some research before buying.


@eoinfinnegan I’m sorry but Fiverr is the only platform where gigs are setup and openly say:

“here’s a list of 500 video intros (■■■■■■ link leading to shoddy WordPress site filled with embedded videos). for $5 you get 3 of them done. YOLO” and said gigs gather 2k reviews and are on top search results.

I was arguing against the notion that copyright is handled well, not about Fiverr vetting sellers. Of course buyers are responsible of who they choose to trust and should do their due diligence.


Yeah, I would agree with you there. I have lost count of the number of sellers who claim to have created the Audi logo. I actually went logo shopping yesterday and it took quite some time to find someone I trusted and liked enough to order from.
I think it is fair to say that Fiverr doesn’t seem to handle copyright infringement proactively but that when it is reported to them they act on it then.


@eoinfinnegan Have you ever opened the copyright infringement report page on the CS page?

The amount of paperwork needed is staggering. :slight_smile:

I think they choose to handle it by not handling it.


To be honest I haven’t. Hmmm, that is disappointing, I assumed it was similar to reporting anything else. I must have a look.


please do and let me know what’s the first impression you get when you do!