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Anyone Else Had a Seller Who Tried to Pass Off an Edited Version of a Licensed Image?


Ever since I’ve set up shop here last September, I’ve had the urge to ask about that but to me it seems that everyone agreed this should be the elephant in fiverr’s room. (?) Thanks for letting me now that there are people who share my sentiment. And:

Yup & lol “♫ Audiojungle ♪”

The blatancy of it is truly amazing. Weirdly, only some buyers seem to care



Just have. Its approx 4 screen lengths.
First impression was that it was a lot longer than the other support issue options.
Second impression was:

A statement made under penalty of perjury that the information provided in the notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or the owner of an exclusive right that is being infringed, or are authorized to make the complaint on behalf of the copyright owner or the owner of an exclusive right that is being infringed.

No wonder people get gigs removed out of the blue. For someone to fill all the blanks on this they have to really have a case - you can’t just report someone you don’t like or even a random person who is clearly violating copyright - am I right in my understanding of this?


I pay about $700 a pop for the tracks I use in my videos.

Yet people are OK with getting a video with a watermark on them.

It is beyond me.

Yes it’s an elephant in the room, last time I talked about it on another thread, thread was closed like 2 minutes in.


yes you are right in understanding that, BUT do you know how many fellow motion designers tell me they gave up after trying to prove their case EVEN THOUGH they had filled out all boxes with actual legit DMCA papers?

there are too many loopholes I guess.


Here’s the IP ticket screenshot for anyone else interested:


There’s another thing apart from the ‘paperwork’, a possible pitfall even. The person you’re making your claim against could make a counterclaim.
So unless you’re really really sure you can prove your rights, there’s the theoretical danger that the person who stole your stuff is cunning enough to ‘prove it’ s theirs’ and can make you stand there as the infringing one.
I don’t think that danger is high on fiverr, because it takes a bit more than being able to copy paste other people’s stuff, but I know a case where it happened somewhere else with a digitally sold ‘virtual product’ and I suppose, as with most things, if there are cases you hear about, there are cases you don’t hear about too.
But this is rather off-topic and rather theoretical, of course.


Not properly, not with all the copyright infringement still going on on the site. What I meant was that they do seem to respond when someone reports it, at least judging from the cries on the forum “Oh noes, my gig was removed, I don’t know why, I created another one, will they remove it, too?”.


Well feel free to check out the form it takes to report copyright infringement above, as posted by @djgodknows and let me know if you think that’s a simple process, or if you think they take action immediately?

Out of the 3 cases I watched closely, this past month, 2 gave up, 1 of them did not even bother getting all the paperwork.

All 3 gigs are still online.

People that usually complain about their gigs being closed overnight, usually have few sales, and they are dumb enough to break ToS in a more obvious way.


Ouch. I knew it was bad (obviously, with all the copyrighted characters, celebrity pictures, stock photos, copied descriptions, and everything), but I thought CS actually did something after receiving a report.


I don´t think the ‘form war’ is specific to fiverr though, I know the IP issue from another place and it´s a pain there too and as far as I´m aware, it would be anywhere, because it´s always the IP holder who needs to file, and there are regulations for that, I don´t think it’s fiverr wanting to complicate matters.

That said I generally agree that they could do more, but I guess that´s where Eoin’s comment up there somewhere comes in.

Places where this is an issue that I know of aren´t in any way condoning IP theft, even if you of course can speculate that they are fine with it as they get a cut from it, one can though speculate also that the loss from losing the revenue from sellers and buyers who don´t know or care about IP might be balanced then by more revenue from buyers like OP who might else not buy on fiverr (anymore) and by more revenue the sellers who do care about IP then would make, because less sellers=more jobs for those that would remain.

I think the issue is that they´d need more man/womanpower. Which again is an issue of how fiverr spends their profits, which again is linked to which fee they take from us…

But yes, while I think they do take it seriously, like catwriter said there are the ‘I lost my account, have no idea why’ posts, there surely is more that could/should be done.


I’m not saying Fiverr condones piracy or IP theft etc

I’m just saying that as a platform there are always measures to be taken.

We just started seeing Fiverr CS cracking down on seller who offer poor customer experiences or that are trying to game the system. It took them time, and they had to develop some tools in order for that to happen, but it appears to be happening.

Not all bad sellers got a warning, but some of them did. So they either got their act together, or you know, stopped thinking fiverr is a scammer’s paradise and a good way to make a quick buck.

I think if buyers started reporting copyright issues, or when they saw five different sellers offering the same exact video/logo/product, Fiverr would act on that much quicker.


Probably, that´s why my reply to OP was a thanks for taking the hassle for the principle, but I fear we can´t expect all buyers to do that, as it does cost time. And I fear a simple report will only help in the obvious cases, maybe, but I think also fiverr needs a complaint filed by the IP holder in many cases, reporting from buyers or other sellers doesn´t help much there, at a place a friend sells virtual products at it´s so that ‘the place’ does ask the sellers to please inform the IP holders, if they come over doubtful things and are able to find out who the original creator was, but the actual complaint to ‘the place’ does have to be filed by the original creator, because regulations, which is a problem, as in order to do that, they have to register an account, jump through the forms hoop etc…

But as you say, maybe things are getting tougher now for the black sheep generally.


I would report to the COMPANY that owns the copyright, they will have it removed pretty fast.