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Anyone else had their gig denied for false IP/TOS claims? What happened when you made a ticket request?

My gig for homework help and/or article writing - that I completely made up myself - took some thinking and figuring out of the gigs too! took me like 15 minutes to submit that gig! was denied for a reason that can’t be legitimate. I don’t know if they chose to look at my word levels, went “haha, these match my site/my fiverr gig! I can get this taken down if I simply submit a request with a screenshot of my stuff and theirs and pretend to be a victim of stolen property!” or if someone else coincidentally also combined an offer for HW help with article writing (not something you should be able to really file IP for… nobody else can do that broad thing because you did it?) or what.

But my gig was falsely denied and even if it didn’t take a dumb amount of time to submit it, it’s the principle of the thing. If people are able to do this, should be willing to review the case esp when it cannot POSSIBLY be an IP/TOS. Not even by accident. The screenshot I put up was something I literally typed myself in Word pad. Not a writing sample. I was just like “well I have to type something and screeshot it I guess so there we go.” Can’t be my screenshot either.

But to the point - please, if your gig was denied for this as well and you filed a ticket request, what happened? What was your gig in all details you can remember? Did claim that’s that, and nothing will be done or did you get the situation corrected?

I just feel like it’s possible it won’t be because of how Fiverr phrased everything in the e-mail and on the Denied Gig message on my selling tab.

"We appreciate you taking the time to create/update your Gig do remote or local homework help or write articles. Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig.
The reason is:
Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use. As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings as this is misleading to our buyers.

(oh, so is that the end?)

We kindly ask that you consider the above suggestions when creating a new Gig. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at Fiverr Help Center. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.:"

Questions? No more like I need this fixed!

Did anyone feel the same way as me? Like, if I try to put up a different gig, that might easily be taken away too? That if even if it wouldn’t be, it’s the principle of the thing and whoever did it shouldn’t be able to get their way and you’re ready to write corporate and complain across mediums about this specific issue if fiverr support won’t do anything?

Fiverr doesn’t like people offering to do other people’s homework. It is unethical, and wrong on so many levels. Perhaps this is the underlying reason why Fiverr denied your gig. You were, after all, offering to help people with their homework. and, apparently, what you were offering went against the TOS of a third party. Plaigerism, perhaps? Copyright violations?

Fiverr does not deny gigs without good, strong reasons. It would be unwise to blame Fiverr for taking actions, when YOU were doing something you shouldn’t. :wink:


As a teacher, I agree with Fiverr denying gigs that offer to do homework for students. As @jonbaas says

If you do homework for students it is cheating them of the opportunity to learn.


The same thing has happened to me several times. However, I searched for the solutions myself. The simple thing to do in this situation is simply “DELETE” the entire gig and wait for about 3 days and put another different gig. NOTE: Never you make a mistake by putting the same gig back, NEVER, I repeat, NEVER. Simply put a complete NEW gig with different write-ups, period. CAUTION: If you put back the same gig, your account would be completely restricted.
Hope my advice would be helpful to you.


All the comments that have been given here are straight to the point. Fivver does not support third party involvement in TOS, and they clearly state that whenever this terms are violated. this is what you should note: Do not create a GIG that states " I will write for you…bla bla" they will simply take that gig down because they say you can’t write some work for another person and they claim it is theirs. This should be avoided especially by those who offer academic services to students. However, you my state " I will assist…; I will help in…; I will coach in…" but never do it for them.

Ok no, what I’m saying is that it was SPECIFICALLY DENIED for the reasons stated. It said someone filed A CLAIM ON IT. Also I’m not offering to “do people’s homework” and you come across as implying I am. I don’t think you read my whole post or read about how Fiverr’s denial system works. They didn’t mistakenly send me a message when it was really an offer to do peple’s homework.

Also there is no way for an offer to help with people’s homework violates someone else’s specific TOS or IP. A specific person made this claim, you see. Nobody “owns” homework help and I tried to stress that there was nothing in the gig that could have vioalted someone else’s rights or TOS. I didn’t get specific in the gig. There is no possible copyright violation.

I put homework help… I don’t see how that’s different from “I will help” “I will assist” and there’s literally a category for article writing, which is what I put my gig in. I know, it was actually kind of a dumb thing to make one gig but they were very specific about what it is I violated. There are TOS/IP violations and there are other violations. specifically states that non-TOS/IP violations won’t be put back up after you modify the gig, making it clear that these are separate from TOS/IP violations and they’re not going to send you a message saying that someone made a claim against you when in reality it violated something else.
“they will simply take that gig down because they say you can’t write some work for another person and they claim it is theirs.” This is completely false in terms of article writing. There are sites that literally offer article writing services. Idk if you connected that to homework, but if I meant someone’s homework, that’s called a paper or an essay…

Wow, thank you. You are literally the only person who responded with an answer to what mjy question was instead of insinuating that I’m trying to do people’s homework, I’m unethical and immoral, and secretly that’s why Fiverr took down my gig rather than the very specific reason they gave me - that someone made a claim. Fiverr would not send a user messages for the TOS/IP violations unless it was THAT VIOLATION.

I was expecting that people would respond to my post who weren’t in my situation and weren’t answrering my question about what happened to them, but I didn’t expect this.

The thing is, none of you actually read my post as to what I;m looking for. I’m not looking for accusations that I’m actually, rather than doing what so many other people are doing and actually helping with homework (or so I hope), I specifically asked if other people who have actually been in my situation got theirs sorted out. I really don’t appreciate almost nothing but replies from people who don’t even realize that Fiverr doesn’t claim SOMEONE FILED A CLAIM ON YOUR GIG CLAIMING IT VIOLATES THEIR TOS/IP UNLESS THAT’ WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. (which cannot be filed because you’re a professor or something and someone may help with your student’s homework, nooo that’s not how this works at all)

The worst thing I did here was combine two different services in one gig because it was hard enough to try to fill out the article writing gig, so I just combined them rather than making two different gigs. And yes, article writing is a legitimate service… for sites. It’s not really popular to be asked to write articles for homework. Those are called papers, reports, essays, or theses.

Sorry for the caps, but the need for emphasis is here because at least 2 people don’t even understand that and I was hoping I got real responses to what it was my question was. It makes an upsetting situation even worse when you just get called unethical and immoral for something you weren’t offering.

AHHHH fiverr suggested I make multiple replies in one post but I don’t see a way to quote multiple peoples comments at all…

I also want to let people in this thread ( @vickiespencer @jameswhity @nim_rod) know that regarding the comment reply that appears to imply that I just up and PMed jonbaas in an aggressive way when I could have responded here, this isn’t true. I wasn’t ranting at him or complaining, just explaining what happened with the ticket responses and also voicing that I wasn’t okay with his apparent implication that I was lying about my gig.

I told him twice (first time, he said he refused to read my message so he missed it the first time I guess but its still sort of jerkish behavior in the first place) that I CANNOT respond on the forum becaus eI am a new user and only have so many respsonses ever 24 hours, which I didnt know. He read my 2nd message. I asked him to recant in that 2nd message and he didn’t. I did flag his response, but it’s up for now. I’m not a fighty person who PMs people about public forum posts ranting to them, I promise lol. I can communicate this only through editing an old response.

Don’t mention, just do what I ask you to do and get back on the wheel.

I reread your original post, and honestly, I see why you are an article writer, you certainly have the gift of using many words. To tell the truth, it was hard to follow what you were saying. It still is not 100% clear to me after reading it three times. However, in the first paragraph, I think you said that you believe your gig was taken down because someone claimed it was a copy of a gig wording that person had used. It seems to me your second paragraph is proof of why your gig is not a copy of someone else’s. Then your third, bold paragraph asks for input from others about their experiences. Next, you go on to quote CS’s e-mail. Lastly, you ask if others that have had an experience similar to yours feel like even if they go to great lengths to get things corrected, it will be for naught.

I apologize for jumping to the conclusion that you were trying to promote an “I will do homework for you gig.” Your post truly belonged in the “ranting pot” category, because it was clear you were angry.

PS: [quote=“taylorsyepeodeu, post:1, topic:187095”]
took some thinking and figuring out of the gigs too! took me like 15 minutes to submit that gig!

It takes me a lot longer to submit a gig.

But yet, there must have been a violation… because Fiverr denied your gig due to “a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use.” You clearly did something wrong – something that broke the law, broke the TOS of a third part website, or was unethical.

Fiverr does not remove gigs without a legitimate reason (usually with a legal-based cause).

You were in the wrong, Fiverr explained that you were in the wrong, and they took action against your gig as a result. You are not a victim in this, you are a seller that was doing something wrong, and Fiverr dealt with the situation accordingly.

If Fiverr’s reasoning was not enough for you, they encouraged you to contact them. Do so. Work it out with them. Maybe you can better clarify the situation, and get the action overturned. That’s up to Fiverr. Otherwise, what’s done is done. Rant if you must, but we cannot help you in this matter.

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Sending me long-winded explanations, reasons, and a continuation of this rant in my private forum messages is inappropriate. Please do not private message me with your complaints. Thank you.

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