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Anyone else hate Fiverr messaging now?

Messages that have been deleted still show up in the list, no matter how many times you’ve refreshed, cleared cache or tried another browser. It’s been like this for months, whenever the system changeover occurred.

Nobody in the ‘help’ system can provide an answer, or they just ignore the ticket…always a great practice.

Considering the amount of revenue they pull in from everyone’s 20% share, you’d think they would pump some of that back into the user experience and basic functionality of the platform, right? I mean a week after a major feature release you might expect the bugs, though this is ridiculous.

Anybody else?


I do come across a lot of bugs with the new messaging system, however, one of the big perks for me is that it has dramatically decreased my time handling messages since the inbox is right next to the active message screen. I’m happy with the streamlined process.

It’s been irritating that the app no longer gives you JUST the unread messages when you hit the section that tells you how many unread messages you have. I also get the problem of messages repeating multiple times in my inbox which is so irritating.

Other than that, I haven’t really encountered any bugs that have been detrimental to my Fiverr experience. I’m actually a lot happier with the spam feature now as it FINALLY doesn’t affect your reponse rate anymore. Idk why that was always such an issue for this platform.


Yes. Too buggy. Hate is a strong word but, I do hate it. I hate it very much. :slight_smile:

agree with you :heart_eyes: