Anyone else have buyers try to short you and you have to cancel orders?


I am so irritated, I have had to cancel orders (I have another one I’m waiting for full payment on right now) due to either being shorted money (buyer doesn’t buy the necessary amount of gigs for project size) or buyers not reading instructions and sending projects I don’t do. So far I have not lost my level 2 status, but I don’t think I should have to if I am forced to cancel orders through no fault of my own.

Thoughts? Experiences? Sellers’ Union? (just kidding) Any ideas on how to fix this issue? I’m thinking I could start a site with better regulations on my own!


Reply to @bachas85: You ask CS to cancel for you? Is that an option? I was wondering if there was a way to force cancellation on a gig which doesn’t meet your requirements or give the information you need. Fortunately I’ve not gotten in that boat yet but hearing about the issues some people have had makes me want to plan for the future.

Is contacting CS a better option than requesting mutual cancelation and is that even available to the general users or would it be regarded as a Top Seller feature?

(Sorry to bug you with questions but it’s just that I hadn’t heard that solution before)


I assume they send you a document that’s more than 1500 words and they only pay you five bucks?

I’d just state the facts - tell them it clearly says in the title and description, $5 for up to 1500 words. You could offer to do just 1500 words only, but I reckon they will be like, “oh yeah sorry, I’ll buy some more gigs off you now” rather than cancel.



Thank you very much for your help! That is great advice!