Anyone else have issues with Fiverr iOS notifications?


Hey! I’m Dylan and I’ve been selling here on Fiverr for about 10 months now (Just hit Level Two!). I used to mostly rely on the Fiverr iOS app and notifications to know when I have a new message, but now I’ve learned my lesson. 9 out of 10 times, the Fiverr app sends me a nofitication when I get a new message, order or requested revision. But, every once in a while, it won’t send me a notification and I have to check the website to see a new message. This caused me to not see an urgent message until 2 days after it was sent, and since I responded then, my response rate went from a 100% to a 73% and now I am set to have my level demoted in January. Now I know that I shouldn’t be relying on the app notifications and I check the website/app multiple times every day. Just curious if anyone else has had these issues? Again, it works most of the time, but occasionally it just won’t send me a notification for a new message.



Sometimes the timer seems off… because I’ll be looking at it with the page open, and it’s ticking down, so I know I have time- then I hand it in, and I get a late notification… not sure what that is all about…


That’s weird, seems like it’s a different issue though.


Yeah it is… weird, and a diff issue - technical nonetheless.


I think it’s a feature called “Oops” :wink:
It’s been like this for a while. Sometimes I need to sign out to sync my messages. I rely on email notifications as these seem to be more reliable.


I used to do that too, but then all emails from Fiverr now go automatically to my spam inbox. I check the website so often now anyway that it doesn’t matter as much though.


Yeah, I had to adjust my inbox filters but I find it better than the app.


Good to know, I have used the iOS app for two months now. One thing I do notice, is sometimes I hear the notification sound, but the banner flashes up and disappears. But opening the app, the message is there.

I’ll work to get the email notifications working more reliably.


Not yet! Fiverr app is running fantastic on IOS :slight_smile:


Same issue here. I’ve started checking the app 4-5 times a day on top of the time I am active on my desktop because I’ve missed too many messages to trust the notifications.