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Anyone Else Have Their Gig Magically De-Indexed?

Long time Fiverr seller here. Level 2, highly rated.

My gig has been ranking for years and years. Last month was an all time high in terms of sales and revenue.

But a week ago or so, my gig got totally de-indexed - only me, all my competitors still rank - my gig has a 4.9 rating with 350+ 5 star reviews.

My analytics are gone says N/A - says I have 50 unread messages even though they are not unread.

I’ve received no sales or messages for a whole week - highly unusual but again it turns out my gig has magically disappeared and is not searchable or indexed.

What’s going on with Fiverr? Is it a bug? I just want to know if its just me being incredibly unlucky or have other sellers experienced something similar?

I’ve sent tickets to Fiverr but it’s been 2 days and no reply. I’m quite obviously upset and don’t understand why this is happening.

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Lots of people are facing same issue, you will find several post recent days on this. Check this one, they all are discussing search issues

Don’t worry i hope that you can get up this situation very quickly

I am also a LEVEL 2 seller and was ranked on first page from years and also I am doing good and getting good ratings as well. My overall rating and my top selling gig’s rating both are 5/5 and also my top selling gig has more than 600 5 star ratings but I it has been 1 to 2 weeks that my gig has been de-indexed and my competitors are still there on first and second page.

I did not change anything in my gig and hoping for to getting everything good again because it also has happened with me before but this time it is taking too long.

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no problem brother don’t worry, i remember that it is very bad situation for every seller so you to patient and regularly sent buyer request for getting more and more other…thank you

Thanks for this. That actually happen last year to my gig. I simply re-did the title and wrote a better description. But my gig was still indexed. My analytics just dropped so I jumped in and improved it.

This time is different. I went from being in the top 8, to be totally de-indexed for all search terms. My analytics are also gone. My gig has been functionally turned off.

Gig analytics is system issue, fiverr is working on it and non of us now having this, it will take couple of week more to be functional. And fiverr search engine is more dynamic as we thought, it continuously changing and reset after a few days, I also facing same issue. here and there :confused:

Gig analytics are not show therefore I think it would not be good idea to do editing in the gig because we don’t know that if impressions are coming or not.


So my gig was active, but was arbitrarily de-indexed.
You can check with this tool:

After waiting 5 days for Fiverr support, they fixed the issue and I started getting orders again.

After 2 days however, it’s now been de-indexed AGAIN. I think I’m just unlucky or someone at Fiverr does not like me :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’m back where I started. My gig is active, but de-indexed so I have to wait on Fiverr again to fix the issue.

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Thank you so much for posting this. I had the same issue, for the last 2-3 days 0 messages 0 orders and I am usually very busy… I just sent a message to the support team I hope they fix it.


I have same issues, my gig was first page but suddenly it’s disappeared without any reasons. I have Contacted CS but they didn’t fix it yet.