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Anyone Else Having a Slow May?


Can’t help but notice I have seen a decrease in sales, but messaging seems to still be strong. Do you think it is the time of the year? Is anyone else having this problem?


Hello Strongsstate,

This has been my best month so far :slight_smile: I believe I’ve more sales this month than the previous two months combined, but Ive just been here 3 months, so maybe this is irrelevant.

Anyway, good luck with your sales :smiley:


That’s so good to hear! I have been here for 4 years, and I rarely feel a slow down, which is why I thought I would post about it.


Yes the month of may is too slow.


I have also had a slow month haven’t had an order in 11 days which is strange. So I have been blogging about my gigs lately. Sharing more on social media what I do and how I can help people. Also I have been going to networking events.


May shapes up to be my best month so far :slight_smile:

Edit. 5 hours later, 3 new orders.


going well, i’m happy in this month :slight_smile:


I started in February too! And this has also been my strongest month :slight_smile:


Awesome :clap: I’m glad to hear that. Let’s hope it gets even better soon :smiley:


Same is here, I started in February too and May is going super :slight_smile:


Oh wow! It’s like the fiverr graduating class of February on this thread :stuck_out_tongue: lol I wonder if that’s a coincidence or if Fiverr always has a lot of newbies start in Feb. I know that I started then bc that’s when I impulsively quit my job and decided that I wanted to be my own boss. I’m really lucky that it’s worked out so far. I was not responsible about the way I jumped into freelancing at all.


hhh me too !! seams like a come thing if we take to the big scale cardon says there is a contraction in the market !! so best thing is offering nothing doing no enhancement not spending but saving !! hope this help !


I quit my job in August and I don’t look back. I am probably going back to school for animal care to do that on the side and my designing.


Animals! :smiley: That’s awesome. Good luck with everything. I’m also going to school while I freelance. I’m working on my M.A in English :slight_smile:


Nice thats cool I see your into creative writing that is really cool I wish you the best of luck


I quit YouTube in February due to there worst policies, and joined freelanceing, in start, I was not expecting fiverr such a diverse platform but it turn exactly opposite enjoyed alot specially the forum discussions/fights :slight_smile:


I did not quite still but your success inspires me!


Thanks! You as well :slight_smile:


Hi Tracey,

There has been a change in the algorithm for the Fiver SERP, so across the board many different sellers are noticing an unusual dip in their sales, May, being one of the slowest.

You are not alone.

Well many are experiencing this, the change is also boosting the sales of some other sellers.


I actually took a look at this, and 2 of my gigs are still being featured. So I think it is overall slow on Fiverr.