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Anyone Else Having a Slow May?


Overall it’s a very good month for me. If it finishes the way I project, it will be my second best month, but I’ve only been here a little over a year.

I also raised my prices recently, which may or may not play into it. I’ve had some great days, and slower ones, but overall it’s heading in the right direction. (Some slower days, but most days revenue is up…)

We are going into a holiday weekend here in the States, so not sure how that will play out.


Something must have happened with the algorithm of my work category. Earlier my gig wasn’t even displayed in the search but now I’m drowning in orders. So many orders for a part time seller, feel like taking a vacation from here.
I don’t know how top rated sellers manage their orders, that’s some great skill.


I got 17 orders this month alone, and I just started this site in April. So I’d say my May is doing pretty well.


Yes I have feel no sales since starting of may or having very less sales :unamused:


I am experiencing the same slowness in sales, this has been for a few months, extremely slow.


Indeed, this month has been very slow.


It’s not slow May. Simply Fiverr lowered Gig’s Ratio and people stopped seeing your Gig like before.

I think so …