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Anyone else having issues with different character sets?


I have had stacks of international buyers before but just recently if their message has contained characters with accents or umlauts etc they are replaced with "� " When it should show as “ü” or "ç"

Anyone else had this ?


I may be wrong. But this may have been due to the glitch they had yesterday.


Yeah I gave a heads up to support and Max said he’d sent it to the engineering guys to fix ! Just had to guess what letters went where in a customer description :slight_smile:

Cheers Ang, I think missed that post before I opened this thread but seems the issue still isn’t resolved yet, hopefully they will be able to jump on it soon :expressionless:



I’ve noticed the same problem with letters such as š č ž. When I first respond to a new order, everything seems to be working fine. But when I message the buyer again or deliver the order, � show up instead of letters.