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Anyone else having issues with the Fiverr tests?

So I admit I was sitting around one day, checking buyers requests, etc. etc. and I noticed that there was this new feature where we could take tests to prove our skills and all.

I decided to try the English test first, seeing as I’m a native speaker and it’d only take me a few minutes. I wanted to try this just to see how the tests were. Problem is: it got stuck on a loading screen? I waited for like 30 minutes and then just force quit my browser.

I tried again the next day with Chrome instead of Safari, but the same thing happened. Then I tried again the NEXT day with Firefox and the same thing happened again!!

Anyone else experiencing this? All my browsers are up to date. The test now says I spent a total of 0 minutes and failed it, sadly. I’m hoping nobody can see this result.

Anyone got any ideas as to how I could fix this?

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