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Anyone else having problems contacting Fiverr Support?


I achieved level 2 about 2 weeks ago, and part off the bonus of hitting that level is that you are suppose to get increased support yet I have written 3 times in the last 10 days to try and get an issue resolved and I have not even an auto response?

and yes for those of you who will ask, I check my junk mail several times a day!

Not only that but in the last week I have not had one gig!

Anyone else having issues?


I asked CS for help with a seller that maintains he didn’t get a refund (which he did) about a week ago. Have not heard anything. I am also at level two.


Try contacting them through the customer support site. Going through the Fiverrtron support is kinda buggy. I tried contacting about a cancel once and never got an answer. Just contact them through the support.fiverr site. here’s the link