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Anyone else having problems uploading orders?


I can’t upload orders or even send messages within orders to clients! Help!!!


YES!!! I did earlier, but was able to get it to work after a few tries.

Then, I went to browse my category and visit some other profiles, which I noticed looked very different (well, some of them) The Star rating from the client seems to be gone, but not the comments. The Stars themselves do remain at the top of the ratings portion, but, it seems it would be harder for people to see quickly (unless they use the drop down menu and look for negative reviews) that the person had a less than favorable rating in the last few orders.

So, I think maybe they are in the process of changing over our profile pages to this new format (it looks really nice by the way!) and this may be why we had some trouble uploading? Just a guess!



Thanks for helping. I have like 3 orders due, and I’ve never delivered late so I’m super stressed. : (