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Anyone else having problems using Chrome with fiver?

For a while when using chrome I had an unusable screen so I had to use firefox. I deleted my cache and there was no change. Then I deleted all Fiver cookies and now I can log on and see the normal screen but when I click on anything regarding my account I just get a blank screen. I do have another computer where chrome works fine.

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Try to to restart your computer, and then connect to the same internet connection, then just open Chrome and login to fiverr.
Thank you.

I have restarted my computer 100 times since this started happening

Scan you pc, their could be virus. Something similar happend with me yesterday, my screen froze while using chrome, i had to restart after waiting for 10 mins. Even though Fiverr has its own file scanner, I’d still suggest don’t download unpopular file formats from buyers request.

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Yes, i can also notice this. Completely blank black screen can be seen when i open something on a new tab. But when i view it on same tab its perfectly fine

Try it to hard refresh!

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