Anyone else having problems with the Uploader?


Anyone else having problems with the Uploader at the moment?

I’m finding it gets to 99% and then sits there and doesn’t say complete. It’s pretty annoying.


Yes. I do have problems with the uploader. Also, when I try to send a message, the “Send” button turns gray and I can’t send the message to my client.

For messages, I have to refresh the page couple times before continuing.

All these problem started when fiverr moved to SSL (encrypted connection).


Ok I have tried refreshing and still no luck.


Yes i have problems with uploader, but only in chrome, i tried firefox and works fine… I think is tonly happening with chrome, i have not tried if internet explorer works, but firefox works fine


I use firefox and it’s happening. Actually now its working yay! Pretty annoying when you have lots of orders to get through!


Same here :frowning:

tried many times but no success !


Reply to @aldodel: I just had a nosy look at your gigs. Wow you have 27! Is that because you are a TRS that you can have more than 20 or has fiverr relaxed that rule?