Anyone else having trouble accessing the site?


I can see the site header and some other info, but all my gigs, inbox and information has been inaccessible for the last hour and a half. I have orders to deliver and messages to answer, but I can’t see any of them. I can’t see any gigs on anyone else’s page either - only their profile…


haha don’t worry - murphy’s law, the exact moment I posted that, it all came back :stuck_out_tongue:


I still have problems and mine is still not working. Already started yesterday.
Does anybody else has still problems too?


I second ponygang, problems are still here.


OK yeah still having intermittent issues here too…


Yep, cannot manage my orders or communicate with seller.


mine is the same PLUS a paypal withdrawal i made this morning still hasn’t hit my paypal account - usually it’s instantaneous even though it says 2-3 days on their email… fiverr haven’t got back to my support ticket of course although they did warn me for something i didn’t actually do this morning (no idea, and they won’t tell me anything other than i supposedly mentioned paypal in a message - i didn’t - and directed me to the suspicious email page…


It’s blank for me too. Reloading the page fixed the problem for me.


ps doesn’t work in chrome for me (even with refreshing the page), but have opened a firefox browser and all works. or so it seems.


Yes. I don’t know what’s going on.


It’s good to know it’s working in Firefox.


Same here. Doesn’t work on Chrome but works fine on Firefox.


How I resolved the issue for Chrome: Simply download CCleaner and let it clean everything.


Glad to know it isn’t only me! I have been trying to work on orders since yesterday, but cannot access my dashboard, manage sales, or read or send messages. Extremely frustrating. I reached out to customer support and hope to get a response soon.


I had to clear out browser cache more than once, but it eventually worked. For anyone that might have not tried that yet, do that and it may fix your problem as well.