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Anyone else having trouble with special characters?


Hi everyone. :slight_smile: Has anyone else noticed a problem with special characters not displaying here on Fiverr? I’m seeing weird symbols or blanks instead of the proper characters. The service I offer through my gig is German/English translation, and I often correspond with buyers in German, so naturally the special characters are important. It’s getting rather frustrating and doesn’t look very nice on the feedback my German buyers leave.

I thought maybe the problem was my browser, but special characters work on all other sites but Fiverr.

Anybody run into this problem, or have any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:


This is due to the Fiverr’s page encoding. I think it has changed recently, as loads of special characters have messed up on site.

Try dropping customer support a line, although it may not be fixed instantly, it will probably be dealt with at some point (if enough people highlight it)


Thanks so much for your reply twistedweb. :slight_smile: I’m glad to know it’s not just me. I know what you mean about it changing recently, because it seems like the characters used to work fine.

I will do as you suggest and drop Customer Support a line.

Thanks again!